Tips to Plan an Effective Back to School Checklist

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Are your kids going back to school after long summer vacation? Have you made all the necessary arrangements? Are you confused about where to start and what should you plan for them?

Probably yes. All parents face this situation. They find it hard to plan a practical checklist that can help them to make their kids back to school easier.

During the long summer vacations, the entire routine of the students, as well as the parents, get changed. Rather it gets disturbed.

Resultantly, at the start of the school when parents have to plan everything for their kids again, it becomes a challenging task for them.

How to Plan Back to School effectively

However, you don’t need to worry. Here we will be providing you a practical checklist of the tasks that you should accomplish as a parent to make your kids back to school a successful one.

So, let’s discuss all the essential things that need to be accomplished before school starts. You are requested to sit down on your desk and carefully read these points to make a back to school checklist, which will help you to complete the tasks successfully.

1. Set New Routine for the Entire Family

The first thing you should do is to revise the routine of the entire family. During vacations usually, develop the habit of sleeping late at night. If they continue to do so, they will find it extremely difficult to get up early in the morning for school.

So, you should strictly revise your routine of doing anything at home. Start having dinner well on time and set a timetable for everything.

Urge your kids to sleep early at night so that they do not find any difficulty in getting up early in the morning to go to school.

In your checklist include a point to set new routines. Set a proper plan for each part of the day like the morning routine, the after-school routine, and the night routine.

2. Do the School Shopping with your Kids

Before the school starts, complete all the shopping to gather the items your kids need for going back to school. The things that need to be managed are stationery items, school uniform, school bag, and other such related stuff.

Apart from this, ask your kids what else do they need for their school. To get your child excited about starting the school again, take them to shop with you so that they can get all the important stuff they need and you do not face any difficulty at the eleventh hour.

Moreover, urge them to pack their bags, lunchbox, and other stationery stuff themselves. In this way will develop a sense of responsibility too.

3. Re-establish School Routine

Apart from changing the daily routine, you should also re-establish the school routine. During vacations, kids spend a lot of time playing video games or watching their favorite cartoons on T.V.

But as the school starts, the kids should pay more attention to their studies. They will have to complete their daily homework and prepare for their exams later on. So, if a proper school routine is not established, they will not be able to focus properly on their studies.

How to plan kids back to school

4. Spare a Separate Room for their Studies

As the school starts, the parents should set a separate room for kids where they can complete their daily homework and perform all study-related tasks. This room should be free from noise, T.V, and any other entertainment related stuff.

Moreover, parents should force their kids to spend considerable time in the study room, paying full focus on their studies.

5. Set up Rewards 

Set up rewards on the successful completion of the tasks assigned to your kids. Ask them they would be treated with a special dinner or an ice-cream if they spent about two hours daily in their studies.

The sense of getting a reward on the successful accomplishment of the task will motivate the students, and they will pay more attention to their studies.

6. Arrange a Back to School Party

Celebrate the school opening with a party! This can be done by inviting the best friends of your kids at your home and treating them with a good dinner or throwing a pizza party.

This party will boost the mood of your kids, and they will be more eager to get back to school so that they can meet their friends again

how to plan kids back to school

7. Arrange a Proper Game Plan

It has been rightly said that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” So, if you are forcing your kids to do the work only and not allowing him to play or exercise, he will become weak.

Furthermore, his body demands that he should go out and play with his friends so that he can enjoy the beauties of nature as well.

So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to develop proper timetable and schedule for your kids. You should allow your kids to spend considerable time with their friends. They should indulge themselves in some games so that they can refresh themselves.

8. Get Regular Checkup of Your kids   

School and germs go hand in hand, so it’s necessary for you to get your child’s checkup before the school starts. Get any required vaccinations and ask your doctor the best ways your child can stay healthy throughout the school year.

Moreover, studies also put mental stress on kids. They have to work extremely hard to stand out as a shining kid. So, you should do proper counseling of your kid and ask him to stay peaceful. Urge him to spend time on other activities as well, along with studies.

Through preparation and organization, you can ensure that your child will have a smooth transition to the start of the new school year. By doing so, you and your child can enjoy the rest of your summer break.


Finally, the outcome of the discussion is that as a parent, you should prepare a proper checklist to make your kids back to school success.

It’s your duty as a parent to do proper counseling of your kids so that they can enjoy their time at school. Make sure to provide all the important stuff they need to start their studies again.

Most importantly, do not let your kids take the stress of little things. Help them to maintain a proper balance between studies and games.

Let your kids cheer!

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