How I got $50 Gap Gift Cards in just $30

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I signed up Topcashback with $5 bonus and then I signed up for Raise with additional $5 Signup bonus. I also got 10% to 30% discount on Gift card purchases. Complete details are below:

  • Signup Topcashback and earn $5. Signup Now.
  • Search Raise inside the Topcashback search bar. You will see the link of Raise and by clicking there, you will be routed to
  • If you are new to Raise then you will earn an additional $5 just by clicking this link and signup. You can use $10 off coupon TRYRAISE on $50 plus order.
  • Now purchase a discounted gift card from Raise. After stacking all these discounts you will be getting $50 Gap or any other similar gift cards in $30 approx. ($5 Topcashback + $10 Raise coupon + $5 discount GC= $20)
  • Just refer Topcashback & Raise to your friends/ family and earn $15 per referral from Topcashback and $5 from Raise referral.

Also, you must check:

  1. Free $10 to Spend on Clothes and Shoes at Target through Topcashback (BEST)
  2. $200 plus from Topcashback in the year 2019 (Highly recommended)

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