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Hostar, a subsidiary of Star India, is the most-streamed OTT platform. After it announced Disney+ in India, the number of subscribers on the platform has spiked. Netflix and Amazon prime give it stiff competition in terms of content. Unlike any other platform, Hotstar US offers regional and local content in 8 different languages. If you are a fan of TV series and Live IPL matches, Hotstar is your go-to streaming platform.

With hours of drama and the latest movies, Hostar is the most popular streaming platform. It helps it, users, to watch exclusive shows and matches anywhere, anytime. From awarding-winning movies to regional shows, Hotstar has a lot of content to watch. Whether you have a movie night plan with your friends or family, just log in to Hostar US and watch, you can even share your account with your friends and watch movies and matches simultaneously.

The dilemma of choosing the best content on any streaming platform is inevitable. So to help you find the best, here is a list of top Hotstar TV series. You can binge-watch these series anytime just by Hotstar US subscription.

Mookuthi Amman

 is a 2020 Indian Tamil-language, mythological fantasy comedy film written and directed by RJ Balaji in his directorial debut. Co-directed by N. J. This is a great addition on the traditional battle of Good versus Evil. What gave an edge to the Amman subgenre of the ’90s was Amman’s OTT entry (invariably played by Ramya Krishnan, Meena or Bhanupriya). With an additional effect of winds howling and bells tolling, the dramatic highpoint was derived when Amman appeared on the screen. She was almost given the treatment and celebration reserved for a “mass” hero, who is God among fans by his How means. This is a great must watch a movie. See a few Comments which i received from our reader: 

Latha says, Oh my Goddess! Look at Mookuthi Amman winning the hearts left, right and center! 

#Mookuthi Amman is now streaming on Hotstar

Watch additional 3 new shows on Hotstar!


a young girl’s marriage takes her from her village to the big city life where she discovers all positives and also finds that all that glitters is not gold.


a new Hotstar Special comedy show starring Gajraj Rao & Ranvir Shorey about a loving father who uses all the tricks up his sleeve to make his children come home.

Taare Zameen Par

Aspiring young singers from all over India showcase their talents under prominent artist’s mentorship to impress the judges.

#Triples | Trailer | #HotstarSpecials

You know it’s going to be one hell of a ride & #TriplesTheFun when 3 friends get together for a journey full of misadventures! #Triples trailer out now!


Chernobyl - Disney+ Hotstar Premium

Chernobyl narrates a catastrophic incident of an explosion at a nuclear power plant at the soviet republic in 1986. The worst man-made accident in history resulted in the death of thousands of people. The story revolves around the sacrifices made to save the country from the disaster. Directed by Bradley Parker, the TV series was released back in 2012.

2.Game of thrones

Watch GOT best Hotstar TV series

The TV series needs no introduction. The HBO original series revolves around how kingdoms fight with each other to get the Iron throne. We set to see 8 seasons of the series full of twists and several bloody wars. The characters and the storyline is gripping that you will pique up to not miss a single season. After the announcement of last season, season 8, in 2019, it became the most viewed Hotstar TV series.

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3.Big Little lies

Big Little Lies - Disney+ Hotstar Premium

The HBO original TV series talks about the appalling and terrifying secrets of families with rich outlook. The biggest secret of Monterey Five makes relationships fray, and loyalty erodes. Released in 2017, it is one of the best TV series that is carefully deconstructed.


Billions - Disney+ Hotstar Premium

A must watch Hotstar TV series revolve around the profit and perils of chasing money. It delineated how in this materialistic world, the two big titans of New York end up in battle. The series might bog you down with the use of financial jargon unless you are a fund hedger. But the intricacies of the financial world are not of much concern unless you are naive to understand the implications.


Louie - Disney+ Hotstar Premium

The fiction version of a comic Louis C.K portrays a character who ends up taking multiple roles. A single father and successful stand-up comedian raise two daughters, the life isn’t smooth for him. Louie delineated his work through a fictional version of himself. The TV series was premiered in June 2010. With the IMDB rating of 8.5/10, the show was quite liked by the audience.


Westworld - Disney+ Hotstar Premium

While you believed Game of thrones to grapple your thoughts, here’s the TV series you need to watch. Have you seen automation malfunctioning? Yes, the plot of the movies revolves around a western-themed park, a popular place for visitors to interact with automation. Created by Lisa Joy, the web series is a dark odyssey packed with brevity.

7.Better things

Better Things - Disney+ Hotstar Premium

The Hotstar TV series stars Pamela Adlon, an Emmy Award winner for her leading role in a comedy series. Her role in TV series revolves around a divorced Hollywood actress juggling to tie between her professional and personal life. The story revolves around how Sam fox being a single parent, raises her three daughters, and focuses on her professional career.

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Hotstar TV series - HelpingDesi

Despite her mental disorder – Bipolar how a CIA officer Carrie Mathison has outperformed her duty. With the help of her mentor, Saul Berenson Carrie manages to face every difficulty, risk everything and even at times jeopardize her personal life.

9.The Night of

Watch Hotstar TV series now.

The Hotstar TV series strikes on the flaw of the criminal justice system in New York. A young Pakistani -American is looking for evidence in the murder of young women. Though the TV series does not have a groundbreaking plot, the storyline and impeccable characters make it a distinct TV series.

10.This is Us

best hotstar tv series

The universe is so small that you encounter with someone who shares the same birthday and much more. Amped with intensified moments, the movie revolves around a group of people who cross each other’s path and how their life intertwines curiously. The Hotstar TV series makes us believe that life is full of surprises.

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