HGI BBB Rating [2023]

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Is HGI Accredited or not? Check the latest updates about HGI Marketplace, what BBB says about HGI.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings reflect how a business (HGI) deals with its customers. BBB’s only sources to collect information is directly from a business or from people’s data sources and then rated accordingly from highest A+ to lowest F.

The BBB prominent those factors which affect (raise or lower) business ratings. Let’s read about the HGI BBB rating and find out what BBB’s opinion about HGI is.

HGI Insurance commission

An Overview Of HGI

HGI is a multi level marketing site where high level financial or insurance products and services make it one of the leading platforms among others.

HGI distributes its executive products through a wide network of independent affiliates and these agents can earn a commission on it.

Get the full detail about HGI here.

Hegemon Group International (HGI) BBB Rating Report

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for HGI company is not accredited. It is rated as B- after analysing the rating elements, which includes information about the complaint’s history, type of business, time business, transparent business practices, failure to honors commitments to BBB, Govt and licensing actions and advertising issues.

These key factors amalgamated to form a sketch of any business profile and then rated accordingly. It usually reports the three years of time period and may be subjected to altered report any time.

HGI BBB Rating Scale

Where does HGI stand? By determining all of the factors, HGI rating points stand between 80 to 83.99 out of 100. According to the letter rating scale, it reaches a B- grade. There are some of the factors which lower its rating scale.

Elements That Effect HGI Ratings

If the company is not accredited by BBB, there are obviously some facts which affect the rating scale. In the same case, HGI loosing some points as well due to the following elements:

HGI Complaint History

BBB records the complaints which are registered against the company closest to the business marketplace. HGI has six complaints filed in the last 3 years of HGI complaint history.

The most recent complaint is about HGI products and services and usually people face the same issues with the company but the complaints were answered immediately.

HGI Complaint

Advertising Issues

BBB analyses some advertising issues which materialize on the company’s website (HGI), that claims must require to be resolved or to be proved.

The BBB said that the code of advertising is set by the standards issued for the acknowledgment of advertisers, advertising media and agencies. And the fundamental key of the Advertising Code is that it should be sincere, realistic or truthful to the market.

Advertisers must bear the responsibility of all the claims and provide substantiation whether on claims or requests.

Transparent Business Practices

The BBB rating can be lowered when enough guidance about your business and products is not included. HGI’s website does not disclose any information about their services and earnings.

The BBB requests illumination of income, compensation should be added on the page and also the details of the products and services or pricing will be disclosed, but the effort is waste because the HGI denied the BBB requests.

Final Comments Of BBB On HGI Report

After analysing all the details or interacting with the Chief Compliance Officer of HGI (Hegemon Group International), the BBC concluded the report with three points:

  • The Hegemon Group International, LLC does not meet with the needs of the BBB code of advertising.
  • The services of Hegemon Group International are only for those who want to be an independent seller.
  • HGI does not sell any products or services.

Customer Reviews

Besides that, HGI got a 4.2 customer rating out of 5 stars, which is not counted in BBB reports when scaling the BBB rating.

Most of the customer reviews stand well and appreciate the HGI platform for providing knowledge and financial support.

HGI Business Details

Hegemon Group International is Limited Liability Company (LLC) located at 11405 Old Roswell Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30009-2054 since 2011 and has completed its 11 years in business with the efforts of Hubert Humphrey, CEO.

Contact Information

Customer Support: Hubert Humphrey, CEO.

Phone Number: (770) 289-4580.

Or you can visit the website: HGI Official.

At the End

BBB picks up the relevant factors which are considered on the rating scale, but it doesn’t mean that BBB takes on responsibility for a business’s performance or actions. In BBB’s vision, the consumer can consider the BBB rating in addition to all the other guides available about the business.

This article is entirely based on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating report of HGI.  

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