Currencies Direct Referral Bonus: Get £50 Bonus on each Referrals

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Get £50 instantly with Currencies Direct! Join its Refer a Friend program and earn a Currencies Direct referral bonus when your invited friend makes a currency transfer with it.

Currency Direct is a way to make simple and secure currency transfers with first-rate rates and zero transfer fees to 120 countries in 40+ currencies. It is a flexible remittance provider that is technologically designed to give you larger transfers.”

If you want to get the benefit of a specialist, award-winning currency broker service, enroll with it and learn about the Currencies Direct Referral Bonus, how to claim it, and other advantageous information in this guide.

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Currencies Direct Referral Bonus: Get £50 on each invite

Get a £50 Amazon voucher! Yup, the Currencies Direct Money Transfer Referral Program offers you the opportunity to earn a bonus by inviting friends to Currencies Direct.

When your referred friends make a currency transfer of the required amount (£5,000), you will be rewarded with a £50 Amazon voucher referral promotion bonus within 30 days.

Experience BOSS Money international transfers and earn $25 gift cards on referring friends.

How to claim the £50 Currencies Direct referral bonus?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting an unlimited £50 Amazon voucher:

  1. Login to your Currencies Direct Account.
  2. Enroll in the Refer a Friend program to earn.
  3. Now, simply fill out the Currencies Direct referral application form.
  4. Enter the short details of the friend you want to refer.
  5. After completing, click on Continue, and then your invite will be processed by the company and sent to your referral.
  6. Whenever your invite makes an account with your link and makes a successful currency transfer of £5,000.
  7. Currencies Direct Money Transfer issued you the £50 Amazon voucher.

The Fine Print: Currencies Direct referral terms & conditions

  • If you have a Currencies Direct account and are an active existing user, you will be eligible for the offer.
  • 18-year-old or older referrers can apply for this offer.
  • You will be issued a £50 Amazon voucher only when your referee transacts £5,000 after registering an account with Currencies Direct.
  • Only those referrals are eligible for the reward, which quotes the referring friend’s email and continues with a tracked link.
  • The addresses of the referrer and referee are not the same.
  • Your information is always updated, and you will receive your voucher via email.
  • You get your Amazon voucher in pounds. Not available in other currencies.
  • Your voucher is redeemable for a six-month period. After that, it expired.
  • Your reward will be transferred to you within 30 days of the qualifying transfer. 
  • Currencies Direct reserves the right to change the rules and promotions at any time.

Currencies Direct Money Transfer Overview:

Currencies Direct is an international remittance service founded in 1996. It is a UK-based currency brokerage firm.

It offers you great exchange rates with zero transfer fees, giving you access to make cross-border payments to over 120+ countries in 40 currencies such as USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, ZAR, or more.

You can easily make large amounts of international transfers over the phone, online, and on the app. It offers you service for both personal and business purposes.

If you need an all-embracing box for your finance management Revolut is here to serve you.

Benefits of using Currencies Direct:

Here we listed the benefits of using Currencies Direct Money Transfer, which gives you a reason to choose it for financial transactions:

  • It gives you rapid and secure transfers.
  • You can check live rates, set alerts, and purchase currency in advance.
  • There are no transfer fees and competitive exchange rates.
  • Giving you advanced tools to manage risk.
  • It is an award-winning currency broker service.
  • It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • And more importantly, it will give you a chance to earn unlimited £50 Amazon vouchers.


Currencies Direct Money Transfer gives you access to make large international transfers to 120+ countries.

It is a legit and secure online remittance service that aims to provide you with the best possible money transfer service and is considered one of the leaders in the money transfer industry.

With most of it, you can also have the opportunity to earn an unlimited referral bonus reward of a £50 Amazon voucher. The referral promotion is active now; it’s time to refer!

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