7 Best Money-Making Apps in 2024

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What apps are best for making money? If you want to make extra cash and are looking for apps that well serve your saving goals, you can consider these strong money-making apps that are legit. 

Engaging with online money-making sites is really helpful to maximize your savings and balance your budget. Here are our top picks for Best Money-Making Apps 2024.

Best Money-Making Apps 2024: Comparative Analysis

Money-making appBest Feature
Swagbucksgift cards & surveys.
Survey Junkieonline surveys.
Doordashdelivery drivers.
UpsideGas station cashback.
IbottaCashback & deals.

Reviewing the 7 Best Money-Making Apps for 2024:

Check out the best apps that will help you to earn money:

Swagbucks: Earn free gift cards

Swagbucks shines at:

  • Can redeem points for gift cards or cash at PayPal.
  • Multiple earning options. 

Swagbucks falls short:

  • Some tasks are tiring and consume time. 

Swagbucks gives you great earning potential by offering you several ways to make money without investing. 

It allows you to earn points by completing tasks like answering surveys, playing games, scanning receipts, watching videos, and more. 

You can also earn cashback and exclusive deals by shopping at partner retailers and redeeming reward points into gift cards for favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Rakuten: Earn Cashback

Rakuten shines at:

  • Provides cashback, deals, and coupons. 
  • Free access. 

Rakuten falls short:

  • The payment duration is long. 

Rakuten is a cashback shopping portal that gives you to earn unlimited cashback, coupons, and deals at 3,500 partner retailers. 

You can create this money-making account for free and get anything from electronics to restaurants and ride-sharing. 

Your cashback is added to your account every time you shop. Rakuten pays you every three months.

Check more cashback sites like Rakuten

Survey Junkie: Earn on surveys

Survey Junkie shines at:

  • Earn by answering small surveys.
  • Giving you surveys relevant to your profile.

Survey Junkie falls short:

  • Surveys may expire. 

Survey Junkie is an online money-making app that actually works and pays you for online surveys. 

You can get access to at least three surveys per day and earn points with them, which you can instantly redeem into gift cards or cash. 

You can’t consider Survey Junkie your full time job, but you can earn $40 monthly with it.  

DoorDash: Earn as delivery drivers

DoorDash shines at:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Get paid instantly. 

DoorDash falls short:

  • Convenience cost.

DoorDash “Dashers” is considered the best cash money-making app, letting you earn money by delivering items from restaurants and stores (like grocery stores).

You can get started with it easily by setting your hours and making your first dash. Although you can get a payout instantly with DashDirect Instant Pay at no fee. 

Upside: Earn rewards at the gas station

Upside shines at:

  • Give the best savings on gas stations.
  • The user-friendly money-making app best. 

Upside falls short:

  • Offers are not available everywhere.

Upside provides numerous cashback opportunities, particularly at gas stations, allowing users to earn real money on various purchases like groceries, stores, and restaurants. 

Upside offers a free account for users to conveniently set up offers tailored to their area, which can be accessed digitally or by submitting a receipt. 

TradeStation: Earn by investing

TradeStation shines at:

  • Well-developed web and mobile platforms.
  • Commission-free trades.

TradeStation falls short:

  • No fractional share or forex trading.

TradeStation is the best-known trading platform that provides a full suite of advanced technology and online brokerage services that help you earn by investing in stocks, EFTs, options, futures, and crypto trading.

TradeStation has a well-developed flagship web platform and TradeStation app, which are user-friendly and provide you with professional charting tools and more, along with a great deal of research and educational content. 

Ibotta: Earn unlimited cashback

Ibotta shines at:

  • Get 30% cashback on online retailers. 
  • Cashback is added within 24 hours. 

Ibotta falls short:

  • A minimum of $20 is required for withdrawal.

Ibotta is giving you cashback on your everyday essentials, from groceries to electronics. Download the money-making app, which is free, and earn in-store and online shopping at over 1,500 favorite marketplaces and brands.

You can withdraw your earnings by gift cards or by linked bank account.

Conclusion: Best money-earning apps in 2024

You can give a check to these best money making apps for Android and iPhone. These will not make you rich, but they will provide you with valuable points for balancing your budget. 

More importantly, being wise can help you save more money. To illustrate, if you combine the best money-making apps like Doordash and Upside, you may quadruple your savings by using DoorDash’s dasher and Upside’s cashback on pumps.

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