Marketing Boost Tool Review 2020

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The moment I came across the term Marketing Boost, I sat and conducted research. Trust me; I couldn’t resist going in-depth to understand the concept. The moment I implied the concept in my business, I see the numbers multiplying in terms of sales, customers, and prospects. The concept was new to me, and a lot of business owners are completely unaware of the same. For most business owners, it is similar to another scam that they see regularly. But NO, it’s not at all true. So I thought why not to share this with my fellow content creators, bloggers, and people who are helping us become their boss.

What is Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost is one such tool that allows all business owners to give some value to their prospects, leads, and customers for free, which mainly includes vacation package, hotel savings coupons, and restaurant vouchers.

Though the business owner might not have any monetary purpose behind providing this value, it can help them, and their business explodes their growth for sure. Not only this
Marketing Boost helps you as a business owner to provide added value to your client base.

Now that you have understood the concept, most of you might pique over the decision to implement it. So let us look at how does Advertising Boost works.

Marketing Boost

How Does Marketing Boost work?

As stated under Marketing Boost, you are allowed to provide value or benefits to your clients & prospects. Advertising Boost claims and works with and provide incentives and offers to occupy rooms that would make some way or another unfilled. The Lodging in these rooms is commonly 3 evenings for USA location and 5 evenings for International locations. Your customers or prospects will settle pertinent taxes and resort charges.

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What benefits do members get from Marketing Boost?

Here is a list of benefits one can drive out after becoming a member of the Marketing Boost.

  • The ability to send vacation offers, hotel discount cards, and restaurant coupons to over 60 locations around the world.
  • It helps you with Free training and systems to your market and grow your business.
  • A bunch full of free resources to help you grow and explore.
  • It allows you to become part of the Marketing Boost Facebook Group, help, and interact with other members.
  • The benefit of one free US and one free International vacation.
  • Enrollment to Marketing Boost Affiliate Program is You can join this program for free if you’re not readily available to jump-start your business.
Marketing Boost

What’s the catch behind the concept of Marketing Boost?

Trust me or not, there is no catch. The participating hotels and resorts always have a lot of vacant vacancies that need to be filled. By giving out a vacation voucher, you are helping them to fill those rooms. They realize the visitors will spend cash at their hotel or resort and perhaps book a future stay. It’s that straightforward.

Advertising Boost helps the way out by stating all the terms and conditions of redeeming their vouchers.

Is any Monetary benefit With Marketing Boost?

It is common and natural to expect money out of every effort you are making in business.

So to be very precise, the first and most obvious way to make money with Marketing Boost is through the increase and growth you experience in your business.

For every membership, a certificate is issued. The moment you avail of your membership, you earn money for each certificate that is activated. U.S. Activation = $3, International activation = $7.

If you are exposed to the concept of the affiliate, it completely applies here. Being an affiliate member, you receive a 40% commission for every business or business owner you sign up.

Marketing Boost Reviews

How much does this tool cost?

Marketing Boost prices

There are three different pricing options available under Marketing Boost. Each of these packages has different prices and lists of benefits it provides to its members.

Out of all these three packages, the one with the maximum number of benefits for smaller businesses is the Gold package. The package allows you to send unlimited vacation vouchers, hotel savings cards, and restaurant vouchers. This is the package you can use to drive repeat customers to your vacation rental business, and you couldn’t be happier without it.


There are a lot of similar concepts in the market, but what makes this concept unique and intrigue is the underline benefit. It helps you and your business drive more exposure and get repeated customers and leads with a bare minimum cost involved.

Unlike other concepts, Marketing Boost is not a scam and is a truly legitimate way to boost your sales, explode your business, and fast track your growth in any business. The moment I came across this concept has implemented in my business. I would highly recommend Marketing Boost and will continue to use it to grow my business.
You can sign up as a member of the Marketing Boost or become a part of their affiliate program for free.

In case there are any questions or queries concerning the same, I will try to help you through my personal experience.

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