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IPL Schedule 2023: When and Where to watch Free

After a fairytale debut season last year, the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is back in India, a year after Gujarat Titans surprised everyone by outclassing Sanju Samson’s Rajasthan Royals. The competition is sure to be thrilling and intense as some of the best cricket players in the world compete once again for the prestigious trophy.

A match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans will kick off the latest season on March 31, with the final scheduled for May 30. With our IPL guide, you will learn everything you need to know about this season, including the IPL schedule, venues, format, team news, and much more.

Games are sure to be exhilarating, performances will be great, and the finish will be nail-biting. What is the best way to watch the IPL 2023 live? Watch the IPL 2023 live on ESPN+ and SlingTV, with affordable streaming plans and excellent streaming features.

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IPL Schedule 2023

This Season of IPL will kick off on 31st march and the final will play on 28th May. Matches will be held at twelve venues across the country.


31-Mar-23 – 19.30 – Gujarat Titans v Chennai Super Kings

09-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Gujarat Titans v Kolkata Knight Riders

16-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Gujarat Titans v Rajasthan Royals

25-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Gujarat Titans v Mumbai Indians

02-May-23 – 19.30 – Gujarat Titans v Delhi Capitals

07-May-23 – 15.30 – Gujarat Titans v Lucknow Super Giants

15-May-23 – 19.30 – Gujarat Titans v Sunrisers Hyderabad


01-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Punjab Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders

13-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Punjab Kings v Gujarat Titans

20-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Punjab Kings v Royal Challengers Bangalore

28-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Punjab Kings v Lucknow Super Giants

03-May-23 – 19.30 – Punjab Kings v Mumbai Indians


01-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Lucknow Super Giants v Delhi Capitals

07-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Lucknow Super Giants v Sunrisers Hyderabad

15-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Lucknow Super Giants v Punjab Kings

22-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Lucknow Super v Giants Gujarat Titans

01-May-23 – 19.30 – Lucknow Super Giants v Royal Challengers Bangalore

04-May-23 – 15.30 – Lucknow Super Giants v Chennai Super Kings

16-May-23 – 19.30 – Lucknow Super Giants v Mumbai Indians


02-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Rajasthan Royals

09-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Punjab Kings

18-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Mumbai Indians

24-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Delhi Capitals

04-May-23 – 19.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Kolkata Knight Riders

13-May-23 – 15.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Lucknow Super Giants

18-May-23 – 19.30 – Sunrisers Hyderabad v Royal Challengers Bangalore


02-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Mumbai Indians

10-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Lucknow Super Giants

15-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi Capitals

17-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Chennai Super Kings

23-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Rajasthan Royals

26-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kolkata Knight Riders

21-May-23 – 19.30 – Royal Challengers Bangalore v Gujarat Titans


03-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Lucknow Super Giants

12-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Rajasthan Royals

21-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Sunrisers Hyderabad

30-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Punjab Kings

06-May-23 – 15.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians

10-May-23 – 19.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Capitals

14-May-23 – 19.30 – Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders


04-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Delhi Capitals v Gujarat Titans

11-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Delhi Capitals v Mumbai Indians

20-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Delhi Capitals v Kolkata Knight Riders

29-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Delhi Capitals v Sunrisers Hyderabad

06-May-23 – 19.30 – Delhi Capitals v Royal Challengers Bangalore

13-May-23 – 19.30 – Delhi Capitals v Punjab Kings

20-May-23 – 15.30 – Delhi Capitals v Chennai Super Kings


05-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Punjab Kings

08-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Capitals


08-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings

16-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

22-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Mumbai Indians v Punjab Kings

30-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals

09-May-23 – 19.30 – Mumbai Indians v Royal Challengers Bangalore

12-May-23 – 19.30 – Mumbai Indians v Gujarat Titans

21-May-23 – 15.30 – Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad


06-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Royal Challengers Bangalore

14-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad

23-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Chennai Super Kings

29-Apr-23 – 15.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Gujarat Titans

08-May-23 – 19.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Punjab Kings

11-May-23 – 19.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals

20-May-23 – 19.30 – Kolkata Knight Riders v Lucknow Super Giants


19-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Lucknow Super Giants

27-Apr-23 – 19.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings

05-May-23 – 19.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Gujarat Titans

07-May-23 – 19.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Sunrisers Hyderabad

14-May-23 – 15.30 – Rajasthan Royals v Royal Challengers Bangalore


17-May-23 – 19.30 – Punjab Kings v Delhi Capitals

19-May-23 – 19.30 – Punjab Kings v Rajasthan Royals

When and Where to watch live

All cricket fans can Watch IPL 2023 live on ESPN+ and SlingTV, with affordable streaming plans and excellent streaming benefits.

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) will now be shown on ESPN+ in the United States. ESPN+ is an American multinational sports channel that is part of the ESPN family. ESPN+ offers many live sports events, such as IPL 2023 and World Cup cricket. With an ESPN+ subscription, you can watch live boxing, mixed martial arts, golf, tennis, cricket, lacrosse, rugby, and many other sports.

it has some great plans that give you access to a lot of streaming features, a lot of channels, and the ability to stream in ultra-high definition. Here is ESPN Plus Subscription Cost:

  • ESPN+ Monthly costs $9.99 per month for live and on-demand shows.
  • ESPN+ costs $99.99 annually. With this feature, you can watch the best parts of any match from the whole season over and over again.


SlingTV independently does not offer IPL 2023 live streaming In USA. However, it has Willow which gives you access to all cricket matches from all over the world.

Now, cricket fans can use Sling TV to watch their favorite games. This streaming service lets you watch live cricket on your phone or TV. If a person has a subscription, they can watch games from anywhere in the world. Sling TV also has a lot of other sports and entertainment channels, making it a great deal for any fan.

  • Sling’s Willow monthly plan starts at $7 per month.
  • Sling Willow Annual Package cost $60 per month.


The JioPhone service is free, but I do not recommend watching IPL for free because of a lot of ads and the picture quality isn’t the best. Still, if you want to go, you can watch IPL for free with JioPhone.

In the app, you can see statistics such as the score and pitch heat map, while on a big screen, you can see the same information alongside the match.

Which teams are participating in IPL 2023?

The following ten franchises are part of the IPL 2023:

  • Gujarat Titans.
  • Mumbai Indians.
  • Punjab Kings.
  • Delhi Capitals.
  • Rajasthan Royal.
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad.
  • Chennai Super Kings.
  • Lucknow Supergiants
  • Kolkata Knight Riders

Group A: Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capitals, Lucknow Super Giants, Rajasthan Royals

Group B: Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Punjab Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gujarat Titans.

What is the format of IPL 2023?

After 4 years of being played at neutral venues due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and 3 seasons of home and away matches, the IPL will return to its original format this season. All 10 teams will play their home games at predetermined locations across the country.

At the end of the league stage, the top four teams will qualify for the playoffs. In the first playoff match, the top two teams will face off, with the winner qualifying for the final and the losers getting another shot at reaching the summit. To qualify for the final, they will play the winner of the Eliminator, which will be played between the third and fourth teams in the points table.

Till 2022 IPL Winners and Runner-Up

Here’s a look at the last 15 IPL winners as well as runners-up:

2017MIRising Pune


In conclusion, IPL 2023 promises to be an exciting season of cricket, with some of the best players in the world competing against each other. We hope our guide has provided you with all the information you need to know about the upcoming season, and we wish all the teams the best of luck. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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