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Have you ever thought of turning your mundane shopping into a source of income? Yes, you can earn money through your grocery shopping. But how is it possible. The answer to this is Instacart. Instacart helps you earn money through its referral code. Most of us are aware of Instacart, but if you are not read this blog. In this blog, I will help you with a complete guide on Instacart, how it works, and how to earn money. 

Before I share details about other intricacies of the Instacart referral programme let us first understand the basics. 

What is Insatcart?

Instacart referral code

For many, Instacart is not a new name, but if you are not aware, let me explain. Instacart is an online grocery delivery and pickup service provider in America. With its headquarters in San Fransisco, it offers its services in the US and Canda. 

Initiated in 2012, this grocery delivery company today values for $13.7 billion. The company provides its services across 5500 cities via a website and mobile app. It is catering to customer’s demand through 350 retailers and 25000 grocery stores. 

The company use services of personal shoppers who pick items from the local market and handover to instacart users for delivery charges. The personal shopper’s go-to favorite stores like Costco, Petco, and Whole food, pick the items in the order and deliver right at your doorsteps. 

Instacart has become a popular service provider company that helps you from the pain of running out for groceries. Not only this, but it also provides you with options to supplement your income by adding extra items to the order. 

Grocery is an important part of every household. It takes a major chunk of your eatables, staples, and snacks. Every day a list of groceries is ordered, so why not turn it out as a source income. 

Popular delivery apps like Instacart and Postmates strive hard to provide service at the comfort of your home. These apps have become a source of survival during a pandemic and physical distancing. You can quickly place an order and get it delivered right in front of your door. Use Instacart referral code to earn money on your grocery shopping.

 How much does Instacart cost?

Does it cost more to order groceries in the comfort of our home? Does instacart have raging delivery charges like other similar apps and service providers? What is the cost of ordering from instacart? 

You have to pay a delivery fee and service fee if you place an order without membership.       

Usually, this delivery charge is $3.99. It may vary depending on the day and time you place your order. 

The service charge without membership is no more than 5% of the total order place. The service charge you pay may vary between $2-$4. 

If you are looking for free delivery, opt for Instacart annual membership for $99. 

Minimum order of $10 should be placed with Instacart without membership and $35 with membership. 

How does Instacart Work?

It is pretty simple to place an order with Instacart. Unlike any other delivery store, it follows the basic add and checkout option. Let me help you step by step; how does Instacart work.

  • Create your account via website or app. 
  • Now enter your Zip Code to check the stores near you.
  • Once you enter the Zip code choose the items and add them to cart
  • Now visit your cart and choose the option checkout.
  • Make the payment through the preferred mode. Congratulations, your order has been placed. 

Wait for some time to get your groceries delivered. You will receive a receipt in your email. You can add a tip within 24hrs. Isn’tIsn’t it easy to place an order at the comfort of your home?

What is Instacart Referral Code, and how does it work? 

Instacart is an express delivery service provider. The customers just need to place an order; the company asks its shoppers to pick the items and deliver at your doorstep.

But how do I even benefit from it? Here is the hack there are a lot of ways to earn money through instacart referral let me explain to you about each one of them.

Eligibility for Insracart referral programme

Before you plunge over the decision to make money with the instacart referral programme makes sure you are eligible for it. 

You are eligible to share a referral code and get paid if you are open with 40 hrs of delivery service with instacart, and you are a regular shopper. Even you deliver once a week, you are ready to meet the criteria. 

The last important thing is reviews. You can’t deny your order if your status is active. Lower the chances of complaints and issues to get better ratings. There are a lot of perks of having high shoppers rating 

1. Instacart Refer and Earn $50

This referral programme applies to both new and existing customers. You can refer to a maximum of 5 people and earn $10 from each referral.

Send a referral link or email to other users. Ask them to make their first purchase. 

You will get $10 after the first purchase is made using your referral link. The minimum order value should be $10, and to avail free delivery, purchase $35.

2.Instacart Driver Referral Code

Instacart wants drivers who are here to continue and fulfill their delivery orders daily. The criteria for the Isntacart Driver referral code is different. Unlike the shopper code, you can’t earn money just by asking your friend to sign up and accept delivery. 

It means that the only way to earn money through Instacart Driver referral code is that your friend completes a certain number of deliveries in a month. 

Hence for you and your friend to earn a bonus, your friend must to whom you have referred the link should fulfill a set number of delivery orders.

How does it work and what rules and regulations you should adhere to? 

Once you send a referral code to your friend, he should complete his first delivery in 45 days.

In case your friend does not complete delivery in a stipulated time, the link will expire. Nor you or your friend will get any bonus. 

In case he makes his first delivery, it means he has to complete the “n” number of deliveries in a timeframe. The countdown will begin the moment he completes his first delivery. 

For instance – Your friend has to complete 35 deliveries in 30 days to claim your and his bonus. 

Payment for Instacart referral program

Once your referral completes the number of orders in a fixed time, you’ll get paid. With the week of completion of the required number of batches, you will receive a bonus via paycheck. 

To track your bonus check the amount under the option Earning < Referral History. 

Key Challenges of earning money through Instacart Referral Programme

Not it is not the payment structure or payment gateway. The payment procedure is quite flexible and on time. But the challenges lie with the precision of Instacart driver. Yes, here is a list of challenges that a lot of drivers have faced –

1. The main challenge is the bar to earn a bonus. Many drivers believe that the bar set by Instacart is too high that you have to strive hard, and at times it takes months to achieve it. It becomes more daunting if you are in an area that receives less number of orders. 

2. The other major challenge is round the clock delivery. If you are series to make money with the help of the bonus, you have to accept all the orders. You have to schedule as many shifts as you can to meet the requirement. 

Though it is not impossible or a cakewalk for brand new drivers, you need to be determined and disciplined to hit the bar and claim your bonus.

How to share an Instacart Driver referral code?

Instacart referral code

Have you signed up as a driver to access your referral code? If not follow these steps –

  • Click here to signup to become an instacart shopper.
  • Open the instacart app and click the icon in the top left of the app.
  • Scroll down the menu to choose the option “Make $400.”
  • It will open up a page that reads, “Make $400 for referring your friends”. Just share your referral code.

You will see multiple options to share your code. Just share the code to claim your bonus.

How to use a Shopper Referral Code?

If you have a shopper referral code, make sure you apply it at the beginning of the signup process. 

  • To signup, visit or download the app. 
  • Choose the option “Become a shopper” or choose the Signup page.
  • Enter your details to signup.
  • The last option you will see it to apply a referral code. Enter the code that you received from your friend. You are ready to start your instacart journey.

Note – That you can’t use the referral code once you complete the signup process. Make sure to enter it in the beginning. In case you are facing any issue to signup or using a referral code head to Instacart customer support. 

Make sure both the parties meet the basic requirements to claim the bonus.  

Pros and Cons of Instacart 

How is Instacart ensuring safe delivery during Pandemic?

Online shopping is the best option during the Pandemic. If you are looking to get your essentials delivered, make sure you check with options like Instacart. First, it helps you maintain a physical distance of rushing out to a grocery store, and secondly, it is a great option if you are at a high-risk from the virus. 

Instacart is taking a series of steps to ensure safe delivery to its customers during a pandemic. 

1. Contact Less Delivery 

Instacart referral code

Instacart recently launched its features to receive delivery without coming in physical contact with the shopper. This strategy will help both the Instcart employees who are more prone to catch viruses and customers worried about their safety. The options ask the driver or shopper to leave the order at your doorstep without coming in physical contact. 

2.Fast and Flexible Order

In April, Instacart rolled out an option to place an order up to two weeks in advance. It allows more flexibility to place order anticipating the situation and needs. Instacart also increased the number of shoppers or employees to make ends meet and ensure timely delivery.

3.Safety of Drivers

Instacart also announced how they ensure the safety of their workers. All the protective equipment is provided for drivers and customers’ health and safety, including face masks and sanitizers. 

4.Prescription with order

Instacart referral code

Instacacart also rolled out an option in partnership with Costco allowing customers to order their prescriptions and groceries and get it delivered with Instacart. 


Instacart is a great side hustle to pay your bills. If you are a new driver, you can make some money by referring it to your friends and having experience built more income. Though you are getting your monthly paychecks, what about earning some side cash to make your ends meet or invest in more options to earn money.

What are you waiting for? Use this Instacart referral code and let us know your experience in the comments below. 

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