How To Watch UFC Fight Night in the USA (2023)

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Ultimate Fighting Championships are the world’s leading mixed martial arts event, a brutal sport that can break and make the toughest athletes in the world. You can watch UFC live stream events online from anywhere in the world, including PPV events and Fight Nights. Follow our guide to learn how to watch UFC Fight Night.

UFC Fights are always deadly and thrilling. Deadly intense battles are always hard to swallow. Quick punching and random kicks come in a row in the fighting arena. In this game, champions rarely last long, but once in a while, an all-time great wills their way into the field.

Here is a complete Guide on How To Watch UFC Fight Night.

Viewers need to subscribe to ESPN Plus to Watch UFC fight night that happens every Saturday. Access the entire UFC Fight Library, live martial arts events from around the world, and exclusive original series and shows on ESPN Plus

How To Watch UFC Fight Night in the USA

ESPN Plus is the only legal option to watch UFC Fight Night in the USA. ESPN Plus has exclusive rights to UFC Fight night and many other PPV events. ESPN Plus costs $9.99/Mo and $99.99/Yr.

Even if you have an ESPN Plus subscription, you have to pay to watch every event on ESPN Plus. Existing subscribers of ESPN Plus have to pay $74.99 to watch UFC fight night PPVs.

UFC PPV Subscription for New users

There are two options to watch UFC fight night in the USA for new subscribers

First Option – you can choose the UFC + ESPN Plus package that gives you a year subscription of ESPN Plus and UFC PPV at $98.99/Yr. Read how to Subscribe to ESPN Plus.

Second Option -, Subscribe to the Disney Bundle package along with UFC PPV for $88.99 for a month. Disney Bundle packages include HULU, ESPN Plus, and Disney+. 

Watch UFC Fight Night

Main Card events are also available on ESPN Plus. If You have a Cable Tv connection, you can stream it on ESPN Plus or Fubo TV, or SlingTV.

UFC Event Full Schedule

EventPlayersOriginal DateStreaming
UFC 287PEREIRA VS ADESANYA 2SAT 4/8, 10 PM/ETSubscribe Now

How to Watch UFC Fights and PPV on ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus now offers live streaming of UFC Fight Night and pay-per-view UFC events. Subscribe to ESPN Plus to watch UFC fight night or to buy a PPV event.

An ESPN+ subscription costs $6.99 per month. Adding Hulu and Disney+ will give you more shows and the Option to watch new ones. Disney Bundle package has ESPN Plus, HULU, and DIsney+ that costs $88.98/mo.

Steps How to Live Stream UFC Fights on ESPN+

  1. Navigate to using your favorite web browser.
  2. Click the silhouette icon in the upper-right corner of the page and select Login.
  3. Select login, then enter your email address and password for your ESPN+ account (You will have to sign up for an ESPN+ subscription if you don’t already have one. A cable subscription with ESPN does not grant you access to ESPN+ streams).
  4. Click on the UFC fight stream. (If the fight is currently happening, or about to happen, it should show up front and center. If you don’t see it, click further down the page, or search for UFC to find it.)

ESPN does not offer a free trial service, so it’s not possible to stream UFC on ESPN+ for free. ESPN Plus’s free trial was offered in the past but ended in 2020.


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