How to Earn Money by Delaying your Laundry?

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Do you live in California? Are you looking to earn money by just delaying your laundry? If yes, then let us tell you how you can do this?

While living in California, you can earn money by mere delaying of your laundry. It might appear strange at first that how can this happen, but this does. Let’s see how it works.

How can you earn money by Delaying your Laundry?

Usually, what happens is that people living in a particular area do their laundry in the evening. Resultantly, when all these washers and dryers are running at the same time, it costs the power company much more money.  

That is the reason which urged a newly established called OhmConnect to pay Californians to do their laundry later. If people delay their laundry, avoiding peak hours, the company will save a considerable amount of money. As a result of this, they will pay some amount to the people who have helped the company in saving money by delaying the laundry.

How Does it Work?

OhmConnect sends you a text message when a lot of people in your area are using power. In that particular hour, if you cut back the electricity, the company will pay you a reward for that. It includes cutting off any power supply either waiting to run the dryer, turning off your lights, A/C or even turning off your breaker.

The more you save power for them, the more money you can make. Some intelligent people cut off their power for that particular hour and leave their house to spend time at the park.

Resultantly, they can earn about $1,700 for themselves in one year. The best practice to make money through OhmConnect is shutting down home’s electrical panel and taking your kids to the pool, or a park where they can play games, and you can earn money. 

How to Get Connected to OhmCennect?

  1. Sign up to make a free OhmConnect account.
  2. Sync that accounts with your online utility account through PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California Edison. You ought to have an online account with one of these electric supply companies to qualify for OhmConnect.
  3. Wait until OhmConnect send you a text message during high-energy-consumption hours
  4. When you receive the msg, turn off the power supply and go to a park with your kids. If you can’t do this at least turn off the TV and other useless appliances until the hour is up.
  5. If you act upon these pieces of advice, OhmConnect will treat you with the cash.

This all becomes possible because the California electricity market pays OhmConnect to help them avoid turning on an expensive and dirty power plant. The company, in return, passes the savings on to you.

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