How I Saved $151 by Using Lyca and Ultra Mobile Plan and Free Call US to India and 60+ Other Countries

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Hi All,

I am sharing this as my experience how i had full year service in less than $100 by using Lyca and Ultra mobile plans and porting among each other. You might spend 1 hour on this activity every three months. So please willing to spend 3-4 hours in full year if you want to avail this awesome tricks. So lets talk on main points.

  1. Purchase Lyca mobile 3 mobths $23 plan from any one of seller in $30 approx. (Note: if you purchase from lyca you will bd paying $69+tax). Sometimes they used to give promocode as $10 off or 20% off and i purchase at that time to get same thing in $20 approx. please look image below. I added hyperlink of Ebay seller for your convinience.

2. Now purchase Ultra mobile simcard (they usually have higher price than lyca mobile so depending on your situation you can buy either 1 month or for 3 months. I will suggest to buy for 1 month if they are selling 3 months plan is more than $35).

3. Once you recieve Ultra mobile sim card and your Lycamobile plan is about to expire, then call Ultra mobile customer care to port number from Lyca to Ultra. By porting (mobile number portability) your number will remains same. (Note: After lyca plan is expired, still your service will be in suspended status but not in cancelled status and you can port number to Ultra mobile).

4. Now once your Ultra mobile plan is about to expire then rerer step#1. (Purchase $23 Lyca mobile sim card in less than $30 for 3 months and call Lyca customer care to get port into Lyca.

4. What if you alredy have Lyca mobile and do not want to change number. Please repeat process from Step#2.

5. You can Repeat this process by N number of times though they will mention in ebay website that offer is just for new customer). 1 to 3 for similar faishan.

6. Now might some people will say its lengthy process or it is violating rules etc.. etc… I will gently admire your suggestion but i am here to help my community in all possible (and legal too) ways. I did not find any thing wrong here.

Note: Seller price may change so please keep looking website and grab once you get good offer.

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