HGI Vs WFG: Get Comparable Features in 2023

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HGI or WFG! Which financial products are for you? This article breaks all the key details which enhance the best version for your financial needs.

HGI and WFG— are the MLM companies which aim at distributing financial products and services among the people and building financially independent individuals.

They offer a vast array of financial products to overcome the clients’ requirements and give a supporting hand by designing business ideas for them.

 To find out HGI Vs WFG, scroll down the page to read a few comparable features which shape your mind accordingly. 

HGI Vs WFG— Info

Hegemon Group International (HGI) is a multi level marketing company which gives you booming financial products or a business platform which structures your finance and makes you stable.

The HGI company was started by Hubert Humphrey in 2012, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Humphrey is the current Chairperson and CEO of the company, having 30 years of professionalism in marketing and financial services.

On the other hand, World Financial Group (WFG) is also based on multi level marketing which strategize to distribute financial and insurance products gives them security and strengthens financially.

The WFG was started In 2001 by Aegon, an insurance company which was later sold out to Transamerica based in Johns Greek, Georgia. It has 20 years of experience of providing people with financial solutions.

Products & Services

WFG and HGI have a competitive list of products putting an effort into providing you with the best of the services or financial solutions:

Hegemon Group International (HGI) has numerous insurance products, like Indexed Universal Life, Indexed Annuities, Term Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, Guaranteed Issue Life, Term Life, Fixed Annuities, Final Expense Life and Final Expense.

Moreover, it distributes debt financing, retirement funds, investment, equities, mortgage or real estate services.

HGI Products

World Financial Group (WFG) provides insurance security which includes Term Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, having Retirement Strategies, Educational Funding Plans and Business Strategies.

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It gives you services to make your financial planning by analysing your finance, setting goals and creates deliberate steps to pursue your ambitions.

In short, HGI stacks up a variety of insurance funding plans with financial solutions while WFG stands up to deliver Insurance security to business strategies.

Professional Business Scheme

These MLM markets not only provide you with financial security but also have a business idea for the expeditious growth of your business.

HGI professional pyramid business scheme enables you to generate income by selling executive products, working as an independent affiliate for HGI.

This is a total commission based opportunity in a Leadership Format System, which empowers or guides others to make earnings and recruit new affiliates in your team as your business expands and you can earn a commission from each new affiliated member as well.

WFG offers business opportunities for everyone to be independent business owners by joining a WFG agent. You can create a financial services organization on your team. Business owners add other owners in their team, helping and support each other to succeed.

It has an opportunity for all agents to reach the highest level of contract. Your commission and growth is based on your ambitions.

WFG Product reviews

In short, the HGI business scheme is based on Leadership Format System, while WFG allows the business owners to recruit other owners, work together as equals in the team, supporting each other to succeed.

How much do you have to pay?

To own your business you have to pay little to start with any of the platform.

HGI Vs WFG Charges— With HGI you have to pay $125 initial amount or 29.95/ month if you want a membership and to own your business, you are charged $199 or require more amount $30-$50 if you want a website or more for other tools.

And with WFG you have to charge $125 initially and $15/ monthly if you’re licensed. But non-licensed agents have to pay $20 to $250 pre-licensing fee, $100 exam fee and $520 annually E&O costs for life licensed agents in the United States.

Earn more income with HGI Or WFG

HGI does not post any reports related to HGI agents earning, but your job is commission based, where you can get commission ranging from 40% to 80% and $50 for each affiliate member who joins your team.

According to the Zippia report, HGI has a network of 30,000 employees and calculated annual revenue of $68.0 Million.

WFG paid $1100,00 M commissions to their agents in 2021, which increased for several years. The average income that WFG agents can make is $88,075 (Senior Marketing Director), $315,278 (Executive Marketing Director) and $831,822 (CEO Marketing Director).

The Bottom Line

This article analyses deeply both of the MLM companies and makes a creative sketch for you which advises one to select the best financial products and services for them. 

May these few important detailed points support you in selecting the right platform and that you can establish your own business.

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