$200 Getaround Sign Up Bonus (Complete Guide)

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If you don’t have a car? Get a ride with Getaround and explore your coming trips with it. Having big bonus programs for new users and for existing users too!

Getaround gives you a booming car-sharing network which efforts to provide you with a rented car whenever you need it, serving to connect hosts (car owners) and guests (drivers) with each other, sharing their cars in exchange for payments.

If you are also the one to connect with Getaround too! You can receive up to a $1000 instant sign up bonus and existing users can get up to a $200 referral bonus. Read below and get a full guide about how to claim Getaround Rewards.

Getaround Bonus

Getaround Sign Up Bonus— Get $20 Welcome Bonus

Getaround offers their new users an instant $20 Getaround sign up bonus when they open an account as a guest and book their first ride with it.

Steps To Earn $20 Getaround Sign Up Bonus

  1. Download the app or click this link to sign up.
  2. Give the necessary information which is required for the registration process.
  3. You must apply for the referral code or referral link while signing up. Apply the Getaround referral code “GETAROUND20”.
  4. Rent your first car on Getaround.
  5. When your booking is confirmed you receive an instant $20 sign up bonus.
Getaround Welcome bonus

Getaround Host Sign Up Bonus— Get $1000 New User Reward

If you have a car and want to join a Getaround site as a host, you have a chance to earn a bigger bonus, up to $1000. When you activate your car on Getaround with an area zip code, you receive a bonus.

But the Getaround host sign up bonus depends on the availability of the eligible car in the eligible market zone in which the vehicle is activated. There are three zones. The higher your zone, the higher your reward will be.

Getaround ZonesReward
Zone 1Up to $1000
Zone 2Up to $750
Zone 3Up to $500

Steps To Earn $1000 Getaround Host Sign Up Bonus

  1. Download Getaround or click the link to sign up as a host.
  2. Apply the referral code or link to start the signing up procedure. Enter Getaround code “GETAROUND20”.
  3. Enlist your car on the app and all the details which are required. Click here to find out.
  4. If your car is accepted or you are in an eligible zone, you will receive your bonus reward.
  5. You receive your qualification bonus when your car is booked for a ride.

Getaround Referral Bonus— Give & Get $20, $200 Reward

If you are on Getaround, you can earn up to a $200 bonus reward. Just send your unique referral link to your friend. Whenever the link is accepted, you can receive your bonus.

If you are a guest and send a referral link to your friend as a guest, you will both receive a $20 bonus or if you send a referral to your friend as a host, you can both receive a bonus up to $200.

The host will also share Its referral link and can earn a $200 reward when a referee lists its car on Getaround. 

Steps To Earn Getaround Referral Bonus

  1. Login to your Getaround account.
  2. Search for your Getaround referral tab and generate your unique referral link.
  3. Share your Getaround referral link with your family and friends.
  4. When they join the app as a guest or host, you will receive a bonus accordingly.
Getaround Referral bonus

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Eligibility: Guest receive a bonus when its confirmed is first ride and host will receive a bonus when its car is booked for first trip.

About Getaround

The Getaround was established in 2009 under the leadership of Sam Zaid, Jessica Scorpio and Elliot kroo, with the aim of providing the audience with a car sharing online platform which supports the drivers to reserve car seamlessly from the car owners who offers their vehicles in exchange for money. Getaround accumulates 5 million users in its network by providing convenient and affordable rides for people.

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Getaround Facts

  • You can connect with a car expeditiously and get a comfy ride.
  • If you have a car, you can join a Getaround team by enlisting your car into it and maximizing your earnings by generating an income.
  • Getaround customer service is available for you anytime.
  • It connects drivers and car owners, giving a soothing experience with each other.


Getaround is the best way to rent a car or share car rides conveniently. If you are planning a trip, you can easily find a car which suits your requirements.

It also maximizes your earnings and has bigger sign up bonuses and referral programs as well to give you some extra bucks.

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