Fetch Rewards Referral Code: HELPINGDESI (2023)

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This post will explain how to get the Fetch Rewards referral code: HELPINGDESI and add the referral code to the fetch app. Then I will provide my honest Fetch rewards review in a separate article and discuss about Fetch rewards benefits, pros and cons. But first, let me explain what Fetch rewards are and apply the referral code: HELPINGDESI on the fetch rewards app. 

What are Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Reward is a free app that lets you earn points when buying certain products. You can earn points on ANY receipt from any store or restaurant. You can then redeem your points for gift cards from major retailers like Amazon and iTunes. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices, and it is easy to use. 

If you are an Android user, then Click here to download Fetch Android app. 

If you are an iPhone user, click here to download the Fetch app store. 

Fetch Rewards referral code:

Use the Fetch Rewards referral code: Helpingdesi to get $3 for free. The biggest promotion of 2022 is only available for a limited time. So signup and apply the referral code to redeem this offer.  

where to put referral code on fetch rewards:

Here are the steps to apply the referral code on fetch rewards

  1. Click the official Fetch reward from this referral link to get your $3 referral bonus.
  2. With every new account created using your referral code and link, we’ll automatically give you an additional 100 points. Download the Fetch app if not done yet.
  3. Scan any receipt from any store you visit regularly. When you submit your first receipt, you’ll receive a bonus of $5 in free rewards.
  4. You can Get cash (via PayPal) or redeem it for a gift card.

Fetch rewards hacks: 

You can apply many fetch reward hacks to maximize the cashback points. Follow below Fetch reward hacks to earn more points, leading to more cashback. 

  • Use your points wisely to maximize your profit: Get rewards by using points toward gift cards for stores you don’t regularly visit, and then spend those rewards on something else! For example, if there’s a particular restaurant you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had time yet, use your points toward their gift card so that when the time comes, they have a special they offer in conjunction with the card (e.g., “$10 off any meal above $15”), then all of sudden it’s free food!
  • Never throw away receipts: As long as you have a receipt, you can scan it in as many times. The only rule is that the receipts have to be added within 14 days of when they were scanned. So if it’s been one month since your purchase and you don’t plan on purchasing that item again, it may be best to throw the Receipt away. But if the items are things like gas or food? Keep those receipts!
  • Don’t pick the wrong offers: The key to using Fetch Rewards is to redeem your offers. Don’t waste points on things you don’t need, and don’t forget to redeem your offers!
  • Choose the best offers for you: Some things are better than others, and some offers aren’t useful for everyone. You’ll have to think about what’s worth getting if you want to earn points with this app!
  • Make sure you’re using the right grocery store: To make sure that you’re using the right grocery store, go to the Fetch Rewards app and check out the list of stores nearby. If a store isn’t listed, don’t worry; there are plenty more where those came from! If you’re not sure which one is closest to your home or office, look up some reviews online—the best ones will have a lot of great things to say about their food quality!

 To take advantage of bonus offers, make sure you sign up for them. This will allow you to earn additional rewards on top of what you usually would have earned from using the app or signing up for a new account.

How to get more points on fetch rewards hack: 

Fetch Rewards is all about maximizing points, and there are several tricks you can use to do this. In order to maximize your points, you will want to take advantage of the bonus offers and the point multiplier.

  • It’s incredibly easy to refer friends and family to Fetch Rewards. Simply locate the “Invite Friends” option under the “More” button in the app.
  • You can earn additional points by taking advantage of the scan a receipt bonus. This feature gives you an extra 1000 points for scanning three receipts within one week or 2000 points for scanning six receipts within one week!
  • Bonus points are also available for scanning multiple receipts from a single store or category during any given week. These bonuses expire after 30 days; however, there is no limit on how many times you can earn them—meaning that it’s possible to accumulate enough rewards credits through this method alone to cover your entire next grocery bill!
  • Maximize your point multiplier by ensuring that all of your receipts are scanned within 24 hours after every time you go shopping. If they’re scanned later than that, there’s no way for Fetch Rewards to know which purchases were made until then (and thus can’t be counted toward any multipliers).
  • Also, make sure that when scanning items at grocery stores or drugstores (where applicable), only scan those items which apply toward earning rewards points—don’t scan things like ketchup packets or mayonnaise jars!

How to signup for Fetch Rewards App:

  1. Click here to download Fetch
  2. Scan your receipts from any stores
  3. After your first successful scan, you’ll get the signup bonus
  4. Upload more tickets and rack up points
  5. Redeem your points for rewards like gift cards.

Do I need to upload the receipt in the Fetch app rewards?

Yes, you need to upload the Receipt to get cashback in points. But Uploading a Receipt Takes Seconds. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Open App
  2. You can upload your Receipt from any online or offline retailer that accepts UPCs. Once you have uploaded your Receipt, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
  3. Once you have received the confirmation email, you will need to click on the link provided to verify your Receipt. This process takes less than five minutes.
  4. Once verified, you will see all your purchased items listed under “My Purchases”. Clicking on each item will take you directly to the merchant website where you made the purchase.
  5. Even if the product is not listed under My Purchases, you can still add it manually. Simply click on the plus sign (+) next to the item and follow the prompts. That’s it; Your receipts have been uploaded now.

Fetch Rewards for Business

Fetch Rewards for Business is a program that allows you to earn rewards when you bring friends and family into the app. The more referrals you make, the more rewards you earn. If one of your referrals brings another person into the app, they will get free delivery credit in their accounts! You’ll also receive $5 off your next order when any of your friends or family members make a purchase (even if they don’t use their referral code).

Fetch Rewards Survey

As a Fetch Rewards member, you can get the most from your rewards with our survey. We’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and your experience with Fetch. We’re looking for information that will help us improve how we communicate with members like you. There are no right or wrong answers — tell us what works best for you!

We will send you an email after you’ve taken our survey letting you know whether it was successful – and if so, how many bonus points you can expect. Note that these points will only appear on your account after being processed by Fetch HQ (within 24 hours).

Use Fetch rewards to get more from your shopping:

Fetch Reward is a free app that lets you earn rewards for all the shopping you already do. You can scan receipts from any store and get gift cards for your favorite stores, restaurants, etc. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to use Fetch Rewards!

The best part about Fetch Rewards is that it’s easy to earn points and redeem them for gift cards. You don’t have to scan bar codes or enter credit card numbers—you need to snap a photo of your Receipt with the Fetch app, then watch as those rewards add up in no time at all. Plus, there are tons of great offers on everything from electronics, food & drink products, clothing & accessories, and more!

Fetch works in stores throughout America – use it anywhere you shop!


Fetch Rewards is an excellent receipt scanning app that rewards you for shopping. While it doesn’t pay as much as some other apps we’ve reviewed (like RebatesMe). Since it’s free to use, why not get a generous signup bonus by applying the fetch rewards referral code. I recommend you download our cashback app guide if you want to make some extra cash while doing your regular grocery shopping.

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