Chime Banking Promotions:- Get a $100 sign-up and a $100 unlimited Shopping reward

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Have you ever felt the feeling of getting your salary before payday? Doesn’t the sound of that PayCheck notification make you feel better suddenly? But, if you are one of those people who never heard such a thing ever in life, let us present a surprise for you Chime Banking Promotions. 

You know there is a thing known as “chime” through which getting your paycheck before the payday could be possible. Not only that, but it also offers a better banking experience compared to other ones with absolutely no hidden fees. Isn’t it a real gift to chat about with your friends all day? 

Well! Before fixing a coffee date with your friends to refer them to Chime, know a little more about it as we don’t want you to talk without having real facts in mind—it would be awkward for you too. 

With this magical banking application, you will get paid two days before the direct deposit. And, here comes the best part, with signup in Chime, you will be able to get a $75 bonus as a reward.

If you don’t yet, know about Chime, then it is time to learn this enthralled banking application. It is one of the fastest-growing applications in the banking sector. Chime’s full-service FDIC indemnified banking application that provides both a savings account and Spending Account. Account-holders manage their performance in a mobile application version, accessible in Android and iOS services. 

It doesn’t require you to pay any additional charge in foreign transactions, overdrafts, minimum balance. Also, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee while maintaining accounting in this bank. 

You will have all these fantastic services by forgetting about traditional banking methods. 

If you think that what Chime will earn if they avail all services for free, you should know that Chime drives revenue from the merchant’s Visa transaction fees in which you don’t have to invest anything. 

Here, in this article, we will tell you how to earn a $75 chime bonus and some latest rewards available by opting for this banking option.

With an outstanding banking application, the Chime app lets its customer manage all banking facilities in just one go—you don’t have to visit here and there, just like traditional banking methods. With Chime, your all-work-related payments get to pass easily in only one click.

This mobile banking application has secured 50,000+ five-star reviews, which is an incredible thing for any app to achieve in just a few months. Chime is an extremely easy to operate app that offers one of the modest intuitive designs. 

Know more about Chime Bank 

Chime has changed people’s perspective towards banking by offering the best of the best services. The model on which Chime is built is protecting member’s essential data and helping them get ahead of time.

This means Chime is not taking anything from you in return. Plus, whenever you use your debit card, Chime, you will earn a small profit from the Visa paid by the trade. 

They release a statement in a press conference: “Chime has been created because we believe people deserve financial satisfaction. With Chime’s saving and spending, account members will get ahead of the traditional banking methods.

They will receive their money before the particular day. It will help people to manage their finance in better ways.”. 

Top Features of Chime 

Saving Account

With Chime’s saving account features—make your saving easy and fast: 

The rates are comparatively too low that won’t affect you at all. If you are looking for money saving in a savings account to derive interest—you can compare available rates.

Automatic savings: Every time you swipe the card and make a transaction, Chime will round up the total amount and send it to your spending account protection. You can also choose to automatically have ten percent of the amount from the paycheck transferred to the savings account. 

Spending Account

This is your checking account where you can manage your deposits and all other expenses. 

ð Chime Visa Debit Card: Use the card for purchases and bills where Visa is accepted. 

ð Direct Debit: Pay Bills automatically with the help of Chime account number and routing. 

ð feeless ATMs: More than thirty-thousand feeless ATMs at the money Pass sites and over thirty-thousand cashback sites. You can quickly locate these ATM sites by using the Chime Application via Chime card. come /ATMs. 

ð Direct Deposit: You can directly fund the account with a deposit and get the paycheck within two days before the original day. 

ð Bank Transfer: You can link your bank account and shift existing funds into the chime account without paying any fees—it would be free. 

ð Deposit Checks: You can quickly deposit checks via a third-party application. Photo Check deposit will be available soon on the app. 

ð Deposit Cash: You can make cash payments into the chime account from any green dot location. 

ð Note-Such Green dot locations might charge you fees for the service. 

ð Chime Checkbook: Chime will send a check through the mail, so you don’t have to have any physical bills to sign and send off. 

ð Pay Friends: You will be able to promptly send money to other members of Chime, expedient for moments, for example, when you pay on behalf of your friend. 

ð Real-time Notifications and Alerts: You will receive daily bank balance notifications and transaction alerts to your linked phone number and email address. 

ð Block Card: If you misplace or lose your chime card, you can easily block the usage through the application or with an online account. 

ð Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay: You can use your chime account with any of these services to pass any payment. 


The banking accounts on Chime are secured via The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC. Some security features consist of temporary card blocking, instant transaction alerts, two-factor authentication, encryption, bank-level security, and Visa Zero liability policy. 

The perks and Benefits of Chime 

Get paycheck Up to two days before with direct deposit.

If you are tired of waiting for the direct and early deposit—sign up in the chime spending account now and set up direct deposit to be eligible to receive the paycheck two days early automatically. 

ð With Chime, you can have up to 2 days to be ahead of your bills. 

ð You don’t have to be worried about paychecks that usually get lost in the mails. 

ð You will get notifications of your direct deposit into the spending account. 

You need to stop waiting and sign up in Chime to get paid early with a direct deposit. 

An incredible banking application developed by a tech company—chime mobile banking 

ð With this app, you can track your balance in the account, savings, and transactions from anywhere. 

ð You can soon deposit a paper check by clicking a photo with the help of a mobile check deposit. 

ð You can send money to your friend and also pay on behalf of them by using pay friends on the application. 

You don’t have to pay extra—no hidden fees. 

Hidden charges make you upset? Well! A chime will not upset you. This is why it provides online banking with zero monthly fees or open payment needed. If you are applying for an online account –it is free for you.

There would be no minimum balance or opening deposit required, no international charges, and if you misplace your debit card, you can block it and issue a new one, absolutely free. 

What you will get here: 

ð 38+ Fee-less Visa® and MoneyPass® including ATM alliance. 

 Enjoy zero international transaction fees. 

ð No need for minimum balance. 

ð There would be no monthly charges—no payment is needed. 

ð, Say bye-bye to extra and non-essential bank fees. 

Chime offers zero Banking Fees. 

As per the reports of Chime, On average, U.S families pay more than $329 in traditional banking methods annually. It is estimated that in 2017, renowned banks accumulated more than $6 billion as overdraft fees.

At the same time, Chime offers to zero Out Network ATM Fees, Minimum Balance Fees, Foreign Transaction Fees, ATM Fees, Card Replacement Fees, and Account Closing ACH Transfer Fees, Monthly Maintenance Fees, and Overdraft FeesYou will not get such banking services anywhere else except to Chime. 

Currently available Chime promotions and Bonus 

While signing up in the chime account, you will earn a $50/$75 bonus after receiving a direct payroll deposit of $200 or more under 45 days of chime account opening. 

ð Monthly fee: zero 

ð What you will get: $50/$75 Bonus 

ð Where it is accessible: Available online all over the world 

ð Who is eligible: Chime spending account

ð How to earn it: Set up a direct payment of $200 or more under 45 days of history opening in chime bank. 

Moreover, if you prefer it to your friends, you and your friend can earn a $50/$75 reward.

How: If you sign in to your chime account, you will find your referral link at the left at the bottom of your account. You can check if it has a $75 bonus offer available or not. 

Chime $50/$75 per referral 

Chime provides $75 cash for every successful refer (if your friend signup and follows the required process). You can refer as many as you can, but there is a limit of $1,000 referral reward per year. 

How to earn more Bonus 

ð Log into your chime account

ð Share the referral link to your friends 

ð Earn a $75 cash reward on every successful referral that follows: 

  • Make a new chime spending account, 
  • Verify the Ids, 
  • And received a direct payment of $200 or more under 45 days of chime account opening. 

Offer terms of Chime 

ð To qualify (both the referring individual and referred individual) as successful referred to receive a $75 bonus, the following terms and conditions are applied: 

ð The referred individual must sign up in the new chime spending account by using the referring chime member’s unique referral link and should receive a direct payment of $200 or more under 45days from the day the store has opened. 

ð The competent direct payment should be made by the referred person’s benefits payer, payroll provider, or employer by ACH (automated clearing house) deposit. 

ð Verifications, trail deposits, pay friends transfers or Bank ACH transfers from financial authorities, allocate, peer to peer transfers from services, such as mobile Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, cash loads, or mobile deposits are not passed direct payment. 

ð Raising chime members should be part of the referral bonus campaign for each party to be qualified for the Bonus. 

ð The Bonus is paid to both parties within two business days after limiting assets are first deposited into the referred person’s account. 

ð Members will not be able to earn more than $1,000 as referral award per year (from January 1 TO December 31) 

ð The individual recognized Bonus’s payment would result in the individual’s information of the referred individual’s new account establishment. 

ð Chime has the right to modify or cancel the terms of the referral bonus or dismiss the eligibility of members at any time with or without any notice. 

ð This offer is neither endorsed nor sponsored by The Bankcorp Bank and Stride Bank, N.A. 

Wrap up! 

Gone are the days when you used to wait for paychecks for days as now you have Chime. It is offering individuals a chance to earn rewards and Bonuses after signing up in the account. They can also earn by referring to friends and earn $1,000 per year.

There are specific terms of conditions to receive the Bonus, such as you should have made a direct payment of $200.00 under 45 days of account opening. 

It will help you if your friend registers as per the procedure discussed above in the article for you both to receive the Bonus. Refer your friend and earn Chime Bonus today! 

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