Arya Hotstar special web series starring Sushmita sen

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Started her career in 1996, Sushmita sen was first seen starring in Mahesh Bhatt Movie Dastak. Later she won the title of Miss Universe in 1994 and now is set to make a major come back with here debut role after a long break. Sushmita sen recently made an announcement regarding Hotstar Specials Web Series Arya directed by Ram Madhvani which is going to release on Disney+Hotstar on June 19 2020.

Directed by Neerja fame, Ram Madhvani appreciated the spirit of Arya and thanked Sushmita for her comeback in webs series almost after nine years. In his tweet, he wrote – “A dream brought to life after 9 years. All thanks to the team”. Madhvani said he blessed to seek a nod from Sushmita for this series after she was last seen in Bengali film Nirbaak. 

Drama with a Crime thriller

If we see the storyline, it is a family and crime based movie and similar to what we saw in Neerja. The director told that even when Neerja was a highjack movie, it was more of a mother-daughter relationship. The Hotstar Specials web series Arya is also based on the same plot about a mother and her relationship with children. How a mother to save her children can go to any extent which seems to be more of Drama than a crime thriller. 

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The director Ram Madhvani in an interview told that the concept of a web series was drawn from Dutch Show Penoza (2010). But it took him 9 years to fit the characters into the Indian setting. Adapting any other character and drawing any storyline based out of it, especially the Indian story is tough, and it took him a long time to come with this artwork.

He further added that he wanted to create a value system and make the audience feel their emotions. They are here to watch, and we must create something that alters their mood and makes them smile and cry.  

Arya Hotstar Trailer

Since the release of its trailer, there has been a lot of buzz about the web series Arya starring Sushmita sen. With 2.3 crore views since the release of trailer fans are piqued up to watch the series releasing on June 19 as the trailer seems to be promising.

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Arya Hotstar – Plot

The story of the movie Aarya is around a strong woman Arya (Sushmita Sen) who is a mother of three children and wife of a businessman. The starting of the web series Arya has moments of fun and frolic, but suddenly it takes a twist where her husband is shot and killed. Arya takes charge of her three children and later enters the world of crime. She takes over the medical (illegal opium) business of her husband and starts dealing with it. The role of Sushmita Sen is of a tough and powerful lady who faces all the challenges to protect her children. 

Along with Sushmita sen, Chandrachud who is playing the role of her husband, Sikander Kher, Alex Onel, Namit Das, and Manish Chaudhary are also seen in this Arya Hotstar web series.

Release date

Sushmita sen, who is excited, said that Arya Hotstar is a comeback and she can’t wait to share it with the world on June 19, 2020. Arya did not happen for the last 9 years, and now it did we cannot hold to watch Sushmita Sen back again on the screen. Hope the web series as said let a torrent of emotional breakthrough.  

There are a lot of movies that are awaited in 2020. A recently launched Gulabo Sitaboo starring Ayushman Khurana and Amitabh Bachan was released which received an overwhelming response from the audience. We hope Sushmita Sen featuring web series Arya direct by Ram Madhvani also meets the audience expectation and turns out to be a blockbuster release of June 2020.

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