What is Costco? Is Costco Membership Worth It?

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You might be wondering is it worth to buy Costco Membership? Should I spend any amount on buying Costco Membership? Will it be beneficial for me, or How can I take advantage of Costco membership?

If you have all these questions in mind, then do not worry. We are here to provide a complete guide to you regarding Costco membership. We will discuss all the benefits you can take by getting a Costco membership.

Before going into the membership details, let’s first discover what Costco is and what services they are providing. It will be necessary to know for those people who do not know about Costco or are new to the U.S.

So, let’s start the discussion by discovering what Costco is.

What is Costco?

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the largest multinational corporations based in America. It operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs.

In 2015, Costco was ranked as the second-largest retailer in the world after Walmart. It is also ranked 14th on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest U.S. corporations by total revenue.

Costco Membership

Now you might be thinking that is Costco membership worth it? The most straightforward answer is yes, it is worth to get Costco membership. It is beneficial in numerous ways. There are several products in the store that can pay for your membership overtime.

Costco Membership Cost

A gold star membership offered by Costco usually costs about $60 a year, but you can check other plans offered by Costco by visiting their website.

Is Costco Membership Worth It?

So, now let’s discover how is Costco membership worth and how can you get benefited by getting Costco membership. We will provide a proper guide on how Costco membership can pay you back over time.

1. Food

Everyone loves food. Luckily, Costco is an ideal place to enjoy a yummy and healthy food at a very economical price, especially if you have Membership of Costco.

Costco offers free samples to its members when they are strolling there in search of quality food.

Their best product for lunch is their hot dogs. By spending a mere $2 to $3, you can fill yourself up through these delicious hot dogs. 

The menu at Costco may not be that much diversified, but whatever they offer is of high quality and nutritious. Other products present in Costco’s menu include:

  • Ice-Cream
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Smoothies
  • Sundaes
  • Snacks
  • Pizza

So, if you save a few dollars on lunch just two times in a month, it will cover up for your Membership.

2. Rotisserie Chicken and Pizza

If you are looking for an incredibly delicious, affordable, and easy lunch, then rotisserie chicken is an ideal product. 

Moreover, Costco prepares a special pizza named pepperoni pizza, which is a must-try treat for you. I challenge you that you will get addicted to it once you give it a try.

3. Luggage

If you are looking to purchase a luggage set for you, then Costco is an ideal place to get it. You can get a set of luggage at an incredibly affordable price.

Not only in terms of price but the product is the best in terms of quality. Once you buy it from Costco, you won’t bother to buy it from any other place the next time.

4. Movie Tickets

If you like to go to the theaters and watch movies, then Costco membership has a special treat for you. Costco will provide movie tickets at a very economical price.

As per my experience, if the regular price for a movie ticket ranges from $11 to $13 per ticket, then Costco will sell you two tickets for $17 (sometimes even cheaper).

So, if you want to enjoy the newest flick on the big screen, then do not wait to avail Costco’s discount offer on movie tickets. That’s how Costco covers the cost of your Membership.

5. Tires

From where do you casually buy your car tires? Do you save money on purchasing tires? Probably not. You do not even think of doing so. That’s where Costco membership comes into play. 

The service and price offered for tires at Costco are unparalleled. Moreover, if you buy tires through Costco, they provide free tire balancing and rotation along with free flat repairs.

Such factors should be necessarily considered while making a tire purchase.

Furthermore, Costco often offers $70 to $80 off on certain brands of tires during different times of the year. So, in such cases, just one set of tires will recover more than your Costco membership fee.

Apart from these, there are many advantages that you can get if you purchase tires at Costco. Some of them are listed below:

  • Costco offers the least price of tires when compared with its competitors
  • You can easily schedule a tire appointment (Online Facility Available)
  • Costco offers lifetime maintenance services on tires for free

6. Gas

You can save about 30 cents per gallon by using Costco filling station as compared to any other local gas station.  It means that one or two tanks of gas a month can single-handedly recover your $60 Costco membership.

However, the only problem associated with Costco filling station is that its line to fill up wastes too much time. However, if you are lucky enough and the line is lacking, make sure to fill up your vehicle with gas.

7. Membership Refund Guarantee

Costco offers a unique membership refund guarantee system, which serves as the best reason to shop there. It will single-handedly recover for Costco membership.

This guaranteed system allows you to get a free refund for the full cost of the Membership if you’re ever dissatisfied with your Membership.

8. Kirkland Signature Baby Formula

Kirkland Signature formula is just like a golden deal for you if you have kids. You can save a lot more money by taking advantage of this formula. 

Baby formula is probably the best value proposition Costco offers. It makes it possible for you to pay less than half the price of the amount you might pay while purchasing at a local grocery store.

For example, Kirkland signature brand formula is 46 cents an ounce, and the name brand, Enfamil, is 89 cents an ounce.

You’ll recover for your Membership quickly with the purchase of just this single item. Moreover, if you are using disposable diapers for your kids, Costco offers the best value for that as well.

Final Words

After discussing all the benefits, we are now in a position to strongly claim that Costco membership is worth buying. If you regularly use any of these eight items discussed above, you should get Costco membership instantly.   

Costco membership helps you to save a considerable amount of money each time you make a purchase there. Buying any of these above mentioned eight things can recover your Costco membership amount easily.

So, the answer to the question of, “Is Costco worth it?” is a big yes!

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