Best Performing stocks under $5

Best Performering stocks under $5

Cemex is a Mexico-based building materials company. It is the world's No. 5 producer of cement, and also churns out other related products such as concrete and aggregates.

IronSource Ltd.

IronSource is a small technology company focused on mobile advertising. IronSource is consistently profitable.

Grupo Aval Acciones  y Valores SA

Grupo Aval is one of Colombia's three largest banking and financial groups. The three combined control nearly 70% of the Colombian banking market, which leads to favorable economics.

Rigetti Computing  Inc

Rigetti Computing is an early stage tech company seeking to commercialize quantum computing. This is when computers use quantum bits, rather than classical bits.

Matterport Inc.

Matterport is a recent SPAC that surged to $30 at one point but has now slipped to just over $4 per share. Matterport's valuation got ahead of itself at the peak, but the company does have an intriguing business model and substantial revenue to support its development.