How to Watch Bigg Boss in the USA?

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When it comes to reality shows, there’s something that attracts viewers attention. Reality shows come with real-life situations with a spice of conflict, drama and challenges. Big Boss, hosted by Salman Khan, is one of the most viewed reality show all around the world. Season 14 of The Bigg Boss is starting on 3rd of October and US citizen can watch Bigg Boss on Sling TV.

Sling TV will let you watch the number of selective TV channels, and you only pay for the media that you choose. There are no hidden charges on your packages, and you can enjoy your favourite shows at a very affordable price.

In this article, we will discuss Sling TV and its unique feature. Also, I’ll guide you on how to watch Bigg Boss on Sling TV

What is Sling TV?

Living outside of your country, the difficulty everyone faces is that they don’t have any platform to watch their favourite movies and TV shows. The Satellite and cable TV services are providing International TV channels at an expensive rate, and the number of channels is minimal. The best method is to go for Cord-cutting services, and the best option at cord-cutting services is Sling TV. It allows you to stream video content on your smart devices like Tablets and phone as well as on your Television.

Sling TV Hindi provides you with all popular Indian channels like Zee TV, Star Plus and Sony. If you have the Internet, you can access Sling TV anywhere in America.  A long list of channels is available within a low price as compared to Dish TV, and you will be paying for selected tracks.

Watch Bigg Boss Season 14

Big Boss is an Indian television reality show based on the format of “Big Brother” by Endemol.  This year 14th season is going to take place on 3rd of October. The show starts with several participants living together in a purpose-built house. The house is full of recording cameras, and their every move can be heard and viewed by TV viewers.

Every week, all the participants in house nominate two members for eviction and the participant that faces most numbers of nominations will face a public vote. After being evicted, that participant has to leave the house, and in the final week, there will be 5 participants left. Winner will be selected from these five members with the help of public poll.

Isn’t that all exciting? You will not miss all the exciting moments of the show, thanks to Sling TV.  Subscribe and watch Bigg Boss on Sling TV.

Why Sling TV is the best option in the USA?

  1. If the Internet is available, you can stream Sling TV anywhere in the US. The recommended Internet speed is 25 Mbps for better results.
  2. It is economical, and packages start at $20 per month having 30+ channels to watch.
  3. Sling TV comes with 10 hours of cloud storage.
  4. It is compatible with many devices like Mobile (Android and iOS) Laptops, Tablets, Smart TVs, and Televisions. The Sling TV App is available on the Play Store.
  5. You don’t have to sign any monthly or annual contract, so you can cancel your Sling TV subscription whenever you want.
  6. More than two users can stream on a single account at a time on Sling TV.

Sling TV packages for the subscription.

You can watch Bigg Boss on Sling TV Hindi via “Apka Colors” channel. Just subscribe to Sling TV and start streaming. There are no hidden charges in any subscription packages, and you do not sign any contract for a certain period. Cancel your subscription whenever you want, and there will be no penalty.

Basic packages available on Sling TV

There are three basic packages available on Sling TV.

  1. Sling Orange
  2. Sling Blue
  3. Sling Orange + Blue

Sling Orange:

You can subscribe to this package for one month in $30 and have access to 33 different channels. Fox and NBC channels are not included in this package.

Sling Blue:

You can subscribe to this package for one month in $30 and have access to more than 48 channels including NBC and Fox channels. ESPN and Disney channels are not included in this package. On Sling Blue, three users can stream simultaneously at a time on a single account.

Sling Orange + Blue:

Both packages combine, and all the channels from Blue and Orange are available in $45 for a month.  Four users can connect on a single subscription at a time.

You can choose any package among mention above that suits you.  If you are in the US, you may already have a subscription for Sling. Don’t worry, Sling TV also give you an option of “Add on” in which you can add some extra channel in your package. Extra add on will cost you as low as $5, and you can add a track like “Aapka Colors” to watch Big Boss on Sling TV.


The all-time favourite reality TV show Big Boss is almost here and Sling TV is the best platform to stream in the USA.  The lineup and channel selection of Sling TV is awe-inspiring and robust. Put your mind at ease because Sling TV brings you High-quality legal stream for your favourite Indian TV shows at an economical price.  The best part about Sling TV is if you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel your subscription without facing any penalty.

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