Veem Review: Flexible and Secure Payment Mode (2023)

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When it comes to cashless payment mode, it has become one of the prime choices of businesses. Being a business requires a more secure and flexible money transferring and receiving system, and Veem serves precisely with such features. The objective of the veem is to make the international payment transfer easy for companies. 

Before entering into the concept, let’s first understand the basics of veem in order to use it. Veem is a payment mode that provides flexible and secure international payment transfers. The company has totally changed the wire payment game for businesses—it is now as easy as buying a coffee from Starbucks. This mode of payment doesn’t only offer an easy transfer but also saves the bucks that you usually have to pay while making an international payment. 

The technology used by Veem

Okay, we don’t think that this question is any tough to answer since everyone knows that “blockchain” is the success factor of veem. The blockchain is sort of a catalog that stores information on transactions in blocks. This data contains blocks linked together with cryptography. This feature makes it impossible for hackers to change or hack it, which gives businesses assurance of safe money exchange. 

Apart from security, there are plenty of other benefits offered by blockchain. It reduces the work of a middle man, making wire money exchange cheaper and quicker. 

Benefits of Veem for businesses 

Earlier, wire transfers used to have a hands-on work system that required businesses to pay a certain amount while making an international payment. Now, Veem is using the technology-first tactic to receive and send money through wire transfer that reduces the cost of a middle man, and it is comparatively fast. 

Countries that support and use Veem 

Veem makes it easy for businesses to receive and transfer money internationally seamlessly. And there are only 60 countries that support veem. Here are some countries that use and support veem: 

United States 



United Kingdom 









Czech Republic 























Sweden, etc. 

How much money send via veem? 

You can send from $25 to $10,000,000 to over 60 countries around the world. All you require is your and your client’s business email to send money fast and securely. If you live in the U.S., then you need to pay only $1 for USD domestic payments, and it is free of cost to make invoice or F.X. payments while exchanging the currencies. 

You can tell your client before making payment so that they can receive payment whenever you transfer. Once you send the payment, you can precisely follow the data from the sender-receiver with real-time data updating mode. The network of veem has more than 100,000 businesses all over the world for transferring and receiving money globally. 

One of the best things about veem is that you can earn a $1 bonus on every $2,000 while making an F.X. payment. The cherry on the cake is that you will receive a $20 bonus when you get paid from a new business, a $20 bonus for making payment to a new business, and a $50 bonus when you refer veem to a new business to make new payment with it. 

Note: You can browse to sign up for a free account to transfer and receive global business payments. 

What is the pricing of veem? 

1. U.S. senders have to pay $1 for USD domestic payments. 

2. You can earn a cash bonus with veem rewards. 

3. Veem offers lower international exchange rates than PayPal and Banks. 

4. International payment receivers have to pay only $20 to keep their cash from the U.S. currency. 

5. There is no charge to invoice or pay while you exchange currency. 

What are the criteria to earn a reward from veem? 

You can earn cash rewards from veem for all of the qualified activities as a veem customer. You will receive rewards for all global transfers, for adding new payees and payers, and also for new referrals to businesses. You can redeem the reward points that you will earn for cash credits to your bank account. If you live in the U.S.A., you will automatically get enrolled in veem rewards, but if you live somewhere else, you need to enroll within your veem bank account. 

Redeem Veem reward points for cash 

You can redeem veem reward points for cash credit to the linked bank account. In order to receive a cash payment, you have to send a request to veem, and it will get credited to your linked bank account within a month. 

Note: The reward points of veem will expire in 1 year from the day you’ve received it. 

Veem tariff Relief Program 

Anyone who lives in the United States can participate in a free tariff relief program to earn up to $1,000 towards tariff fees. This credit can be applied on the qualified 818 imported goods from China to the U.S.A. with passing use of veem payment service. 

Note: Visit Tariff Relief Plan to enroll for the program for free. 

The benefits you will receive through the program depend on the tariff fee you will pay on importing goods from China to the U.S.A. Veem will pay more than $1,000 towards qualified tariff fees sustained on goods acquired that were paid via veem services. 

In order to be eligible for tariff relief, you need to remain an active user for at least 12month on veem. Apart from it, to qualify for the program, you need to submit an authorized custom form presenting one of the 818 coordinated tariff schedule codes that are used on imported goods from China to the U.S.A. during the success of the program. 

Details of Tariff Relief 

1. You can only enroll for the tariff program once, which is non-transferable. 

2. Candidates can redeem the program offers up to 1 year after the date of signup 

3. Program’s funds will automatically be deposited into the linked bank account followed by viewing of tariff payment proof. 

4. `You need to submit the required information to meet any appropriate payment reporting necessities for tax purposes. 

5. Candidates should have to be an active member who has received and transferred money within 6 months to redeem tariff payments. 

Final Verdict 

If international money receiving and transferring is a major part of your business, then you will be pleased to use Veem since it is not just easy to use to save your money also. Sign Up for veem to make international business money transfer easy, secure, and flexible. 

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