Best Travel Tips for US Travelers | Step by Step Guide

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One of the most diverse countries, the US offers something for everyone. Are you planning a memorable trip to the US and that too for the first time? Then continue reading to find some excellent travel tips for US travelers. These tips will help desi people plan their first trip to the States, ideally.

Traveling is the best experience one can do to learn life-long lessons. Usually, people love traveling during their holidays to enjoy a sense of relaxation and freedom of mind. However, if you don’t take the necessary precautions, this traveling experience can turn out to be a diverse one.

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Are you planning to persuade your studies in the US? If yes, then this article contains a lot more valuable information for you. If you are also traveling to the US, and that too for the first time, you need to follow a few crucial tips.  Otherwise, you will put yourself into a problematic situation.

Most of the students plan to study in the US captivated by the best-known universities there. Ideal practice for the students is to gather all necessary information before traveling to the US for the first time.

Essential Travel Tips

Here you will find the most essential 21 tips that will help you to relish your stay in the US. These travel tips will help you overcome all the problems one encounters while traveling and staying in the US, especially for the first time.

These tips are for helping desi visiting any western country, not just the USA. I am sharing these travel tips on what I observed during my visits to various western countries, including the USA.

I will also include a checklist of the items to be carried for your trip, which will make your trip a convenient one.  So, sit back, relax, and pay full attention to read this article till the end.

1. Get the Passport and the Visa

No doubt, the first thing required for international traveling is the passport and the Visa on it. The visa policies for the US are slightly strict, so travelers need to fulfill specific terms and conditions.

If you try to be over smart in any case or depict any wrong intentions, you won’t be issued a visa to the US. So, the first thing is to be very clear in your purpose. Then consult and apply at your nearest US Embassy or Consulate to get the Visa.

2. Ticketing Travel Tips

You can buy a Flight ticket in advance. Because it will help you to get the air ticket at the lowest possible price, do not rush into purchasing the ticket. Instead, conduct proper research of all the airline companies and search for the best flights providing the lowest fare and maximum facilities.

A pro-tip is that never book a non-refundable flight ticket until you have managed all your documents. Primarily the Visa has been issued. Otherwise, you might lose your money in case your Visa gets delayed or rejected for any reason.

3. Keep Soft and Hard Copies of Documents with You

It is always advisable to email yourself the soft copies of all your documents, including your passport, Visa, identity card, address proof, contacts, etc. Similarly, keep hard copies of your documents with you as well. You might also need these copies as proof on the airports where you might not be able to get them photocopied.

4. Expect Long Ques on Arrival

The airports in the USA are among the busiest airports in the world. So, once you land there, you should expect long queues at the immigration. Certain airports provide US pre-clearance.

If you’re flying through that destination, you’ll clear customs before your arrival. It helps in speeding up the process significantly. However, it is not unusual to sit in immigration queues for hours before being admitted to the States.

5. Take your Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most important thing you need to carry with you. Americans encourage the use of credit cards to pay for items rather than paying in cash. There are plenty of credit card companies that offer 1% to 5% cash back on your purchases made through credit cards.

Not only this, there are many other benefits that credit card companies offer you. So, credit cards are a necessary thing to carry while traveling to the US. Because paying in cash may be more expensive when compared to paying through credit cards.

Health Travel Tips for Visitors

6. Medicines

While traveling to the US, you should have one thing clear in your mind that the drugs there are costly. So, you should carry all the necessary medicine of your daily use with you.

In addition, you have to be very careful regarding carrying certain medicines for specific ailments to the United States. The US has various guidelines and restrictions regarding taking specific drugs with you.

For details, consult the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, you can take paracetamol tablets for the common cold, fever, body ache, etc. without any hesitation.

7. Vaccination

The United States government requires all entrants to get vaccinated before their visit. These include Hepatitis A & B, Polio, Measles, and more. So, getting the recommended vaccines can reduce the chances of getting sick.

Travel Tips for Packing

8. Proper Clothing

Once you have got the idea of the weather, arrange appropriate clothing accordingly. Do not rely on anything to be purchased from the US. Take all necessary clothing stuff of daily use with you.

Items such as belts, wallets, sunglasses, etc. should be carried from your country, as these things are costly in the US. However, some regular clothing items can be found cheap and bought there.

It is recommended not to carry woolen clothes. Because they might not be sufficient for the low temperatures in America, secondly you might find them cheaper in the US.

9. Weather Update

Before moving abroad, have a proper and thorough check of the weather update in the US. The weather here is quite indifferent from other parts of the world.

Even the weather in one state of the country might differ as compared to other states. So, keeping in view your time of travel, perform thorough and necessary research of the weather and make arrangements according to that.

10. Minimum Possible Luggage

Although most of the things are expensive in the US compared to your country, it does not mean that you should carry too much luggage with you. Indeed, you never know when a thing may come handy, but that doesn’t mean you should “over pack.”

Keep this thing in mind that you will have to pay an extra fee for the additional luggage. Apart from the weight of your luggage, there are some prohibited items that you are not allowed to carry. Things that may put into danger the lives and property, cause injury to people or animals, or anything that is against US national interest is forbidden.

Another drawback of carrying too much luggage is that you have to keep it with yourself at every place. You have to take additional care of that, and of course, it will be a burden on you everywhere you travel. So, the gist is keeping the luggage to as minimum as possible.

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11. Travel Tips for Food

If you’re planning a long trip, it is advisable to carry cooking masalas with you from your country. The reason is that the ones available there are not as good. As you have developed a taste of your own so you won’t like the ones available there.

In addition, do not forget to take a pressure cooker with you use one, as they aren’t available in the USA. Also, you may take with you some dry-fruits and stuff like that which you consume in your daily routine. These things do not taste very well there and at the same time, are expensive too.

International Travel Tips

12. International Calling

Once you land into the airport in the USA, do inform your loved ones first that you have reached safe and sound.  But how can you tell them? Yes, your local network sim won’t be working there. So, What to do next? Of course, you have to buy an international SIM card instantly to make the connection possible.

In modern times, there are many other cheaper sources of communication available. Make sure you are well aware of all those tools and their usage. Otherwise, you will spend a considerable amount on daily calls only.

13. Don’t be late

Well sorry to say in our countries like Pakistan, India or Bangladesh we are habitual of being late. We often do not fulfill our commitment regarding time. But the Americans strictly act upon the saying “Time is Money.”

Moreover, fulfill your commitments very seriously in the United States. Being late for an appointment also leaves a wrong impression. So, keep track of your time.

The best practice is to generate a proper time table and schedule and strictly follow that. It’s a great habit to plan a daily schedule not only if you are in the US but for everyday life as well.

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14. Travel Tips for Following Rules

Once you step into the USA, it’s your responsibility to abide by all the rules that are applicable there. You cannot be your boss there. It doesn’t matter that you like a particular law or not. You are supposed to follow it in any case.

In most countries, there is comparatively less check and balance of the rules. But in the US, regulations are strictly implemented and followed. They do not spare anyone and treat everyone equally.

You are also not allowed to smoke in public places in the US. Smoking is not allowed in malls, bars, clubs, and restaurants in New York City. However, California takes the ban further to beaches, health care facilities, public parks, and private residences well.

So, be very sure that you have to abide by this law. Make a habit of smoking in the designated areas only in case you are a smoker.

Useful Travel Tips for Desi People

15. No Political Debate

During your stay at the US, always pay prime focus on the objective that has brought you here. If your prime objective is studying, then give full attention to your career goals. If it’s a tour, then enjoy your time there.

Above all, do not spoil yourself by indulging in politics. Avoid making any negative comments about the politicians. Be wise and if the topic of politics comes up with the local Americans, listen, observe, and learn, but don’t go for a political debate. Be respectful to those around you, regardless of their views.

16. Use Gestures of Goodwill

Whenever you speak to anyone, don’t be rude in any case. Instead, speak politely. Always have talks on good topics with people. Most importantly use gestures of goodwill when meeting with people.

Show good manners. These will help people to remember you for a long time. The words and phrases “Please,” “Thank you,” “How are you?” and “Have a nice day!” are building stones of happy human transactions in the USA. So, use these gestures of goodwill frequently.

When someone greets you with, “Hey, how are you today?” respond simply by saying, “I’m fine, thank you. How about you?” instead of a lengthy description of how your day was.

17. Dress Well

Your dressing has a high impact on people. People judge your dressing too much. As a universal gesture, you should have a good dressing sense and wear formal clothes. It does not mean that every time you have to purchase new clothes to wear. Instead, it means whatever you wear should be neat, clean, and tidy.

Dress up according to the situation. You must keep some formal suits with you while traveling to the US. You should be very much clear of the fact that you are representing your country and culture. So, don’t be silly; otherwise, people will negatively judge you.

Important Travel Tips for Moving Abroad

18. Give Tips to Waiters

First, let me clarify that from tips I don’t mean useful advice or hacks here. I mean small monetary benefits. It’s like a custom to give the worker’s tips. It’s rude and inappropriate not to tip the waiter after dining in a restaurant. As they are hardworking people and expect rewards from you for the services, they provide to you.

The money you give as a tip is subject to your satisfaction level. But generally,10-20% of the bill is just fine. However, you can pay the tip according to the service and the quality of delivery. That’s a safe guideline most people use.

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19. Different Tax Prices

While purchasing goods and services during your stay in the US, be well aware of the tax policies. The most important thing is that the taxing on consumer goods varies all over the USA. Therefore, for your first trip to the States, you could be amazed by the difference in prices. So, be very careful in your spending and spend wisely. Do visit the market and then choose the best economical store to make your purchases.

20. Be Aware of Fraudulent Offers

During your stay there, people nearby your area would come to know that you are new to this area. They would try their best to capitalize their maximum from you. You may also get some fraudulent offers from such sick minded people.

They might offer a fake job to you or may ask for money for any of processing. Similarly, you might receive a fake phone call asking for some credits transfer which would result in loss of your money. So, be very careful about your spending. Look thoroughly into the matter and do not pay a single dollar to anyone unless you are 100% satisfied.

21. Keep a Good Company

The last advice in this article is to keep calm and surround yourself with positive and lovely people. Have good talks with them. Discuss all your issues with them and try to sort meaningful solutions to them.

Usually, this happens that students indulge in bad habits by getting involved in bad companies. They also start using drugs and alcohol and resultantly reach far away from their goals. So, the best thing is to keep a company of friendly and cool-minded people who can help you come out of difficult situations.

excellent travel tips

Above all, although traveling is fun, however, if things are not sorted out before time, the results can turn out to be drastic. So, do the primary homework before planning a tour to the US.

In short, do not take things for granted. Instead, take things seriously and do follow the travel tips mentioned above to make your visit more relaxing. This way, you can make your tour a memorable one.

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