Topcashback vs Rakuten | Full Comparision (2020)

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Do you want to enjoy a Sign-up Bonus at TopCashback? Are you looking for some extra dollars to enjoy a treat with your friend? If yes, then try TopCashback. You will end up earning a bonus by signing up or referring your friend to sign up on their site.

Ebates Vs Topcashback

Special $5 signup & $15 Referral Offer at TopCashback (July-31 2019)

This July, TopCashback is offering something special for its customers. The TopCashback shopping network is offering new members a sign-up bonus of $5. You have to create a free account by signing-up to TopCashback site. Signup Now

 You have to sign up to the TopCashBack site, confirm your email address, and earn $10 as cashback reward from shopping rebates and you will qualify for a $5 bonus. The offer is valid till July 31, 2019, 23:59 PT.

You can purchase a discounted gift card (up to 35% discount) through with an additional $5 Raise discount. The procedure is quite simple.

  • Just login TopCashback (New user can earn $5 by signing-up to TopCashback site. Signup Now )
  • Search Raise inside the Topcashback search bar. You will see the link of and by clicking there, you will be routed to
  • If you are new to Raise then you will earn an additional $5 just by clicking this link to signup.
  • Just refer Topcashback & Raise to your friends, family and earn $15 per referral from Topcashback and $5 from Raise.

Let’s discuss in details about Topcashback and how can you earn a cashback bonus through Topcashback site.

How I got $50 Gap Gift Cards in just $30:

I just followed above three bullet points. I signed up Topcashback with $5 bonus and then I signed up for Raise with additional $5 earnings. I also got 10% discount for Gift card purchase.

  • Signup TopCashback and earn $5. Signup Now.
  • Search Raise inside the Topcashback search bar. You will see the link of Raise and by clicking there, you will be routed to
  • If you are new to Raise then you will earn an additional $5 just by clicking this link to signup. You can use $10 off coupon TRYRAISE on $50 plus order.
  • Now purchase a discounted gift card from Raise. After stacking all the coupons and discounts you will get $50 Gap or any other similar gift cards in $30 approx. ($5 Topcashback + $10 Raise coupon + $5 discount GC= $20)
  • Just refer Topcashback & Raise to your friends/ family and earn $15 per referral for Topcashback and $5 from Raise referral.

What is TopCashback?

Like many other sites, TopCashback is a cashback site where you can earn cashback on your spending. TopCashback’s tagline is “USA’s most generous cashback site.”  This shopping network offers you a cashback when you shop online through a wide variety of retailers.

How does TopCashback Works?

To earn cashback, you need to start your shopping trip through the TopCashback site. You have to click through their merchant links to be redirected to the store where you plan to make a purchase.

TopCashback’s algorithm is very genius. It automatically tracks all of your orders, and once you complete your purchase, your cashback earnings will be deposited into your TopCashback account.

Once your shopping rebates are payable, you can then enjoy your cashback earnings with no minimum payout threshold.

Cash rewards can be redeemed via PayPal, Gift Cards, American Express Gift Cards, and many other redemption options.

When you discuss shopping online, TopCashback offers cashback on purchases through Walmart, Amazon, American Eagle Outfitters, and Apple. Most cashback rates hover around 3 to 7 percent, but you can also find deals for 10, 12, and 15 percent. 

If you shop online regularly, then you should register for a TopCashback account by signing up to their website. In this way, you won’t leave any extra money on the table that should be in your pocket.

TopCashBack is free to join

How to Earn $5 as a New Member through TopCashback

If you want to earn TopCashback bonus of $5 as a new member, then adopt the following procedure

  • Search and open to join the TopCashback site till July 31, 2019
  • Authenticate to your TopCashback account by confirming your email address via the email notification that they will send you once you complete your registration.
  • When completed, you can earn a minimum of $10 as a payable cashback reward for shopping via the TopCashback network.
  • However, the $5 bonus will be awarded to you after you meet specific requirements and qualifications.
Earning bonus at topcashback

Referral Program to Avail $15 through TopCashback

Now let’s have an insight into the referral program offered by TopCashback to earn a bonus of $15

Before going into the details, you must make one thing clear in your mind that the TopCashback referral Program keeps on updating regularly. 

Sometimes it offers the bonus to both i.e., new and current members while at the other times, it only provides the bonus to the existing members.

Moreover, the advantage of this referral program is that the referral program offers a bonus of $15 for referrers and a $5 bonus for referees. However, once you become a TopCashBack member, you can earn $15 referral bonuses when you refer your friends to

As per new rules, the current TopCashback members will qualify for a bonus of $15  when the referee reaches an earning $10 in payable cashback.

You’ll earn a bonus of $15 for each of your referrals provided he meets the qualifications with a new TopCashBack account.

However, for you to earn the bonus, your friend must authenticate his account and reach a cashback threshold of minimum $10 of payable or claimed transactions.

Also, to refer your friends, use your unique referral link. There are many other referral options available, as well. So, do not wait and sign up for TopCashBack today to start earning cash rebates for all of your online purchases.

So, you should take advantage of this exclusive offer from TopCashback to get a sign-up bonus of $5 when you reach $10 in payable cashback rewards.

EBates most well-known cashback sites and very popular due to aggressive $25 per referral bonus. You can just refer 20-40 people per month and help to make them purchase with my secret tricks and you can earn $400- $1000. You should not be shay or shamed by referring them becuase you are adding value by saving their money. Ebates has relationships with more than 1,700 merchants and has relationships with some of the more popular retailers.

When you sign up through eBates you earn a $10 gift card to Walmart or a $10 eBates cash bonus. You can also earn $25 for per referral and there is no limit on referral. You can refer as much as you can with sky is limit.

To sum it up here’s the lowdown on Ebates:

Cashback ranging from 1% to 30%
$10 Sign on Bonus and $25 per referral Bonus
1,700+ Retailers
Lucrative Referral Program
Receive Payments via Check or Paypal
Minimum Payout $5.01
Quarterly Payments

Which is Better: Ebates or TopCashback?

I have always seen that Topcashback offer higher cashback percentages than Ebates (except when Ebates are running special double cash back offer). Topcashback itself created comparision between him and Ebates. Read here. Let’s see how the cashback stacks up across different popular retailers :


  • Ebates – Up to 3%
  • TopCashback – 8.5%


  • Ebates – 2%
  • TopCashback – Up to 10%

Best Buy:

  • Ebates – 1%
  • TopCashback – 1.25%


  • Ebates – 6%
  • TopCashback – 4%


Finally, the gist of the discussion is that both Ebates and Topcashback are winners. Create accounts for both (Ebates and Topcashback) and When you go for online shopping then compare the site which gives the best cashback, go with them. Also, you have very less time to avail this $5 bonus offered by TopCashback.  So, take advantage of this website to enjoy a free bonus for yourself by referring your friends.

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