Things to Plan for When Parents Visit the USA

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A visit to your loved one is something you would look forward to. If you stay in the US, and your parents are visiting you, you ought to take care of a few things. At this stage, you might be dealing with quite a lot of queries and concerns cause they have taken the best care of you, and now it is your turn to do the best. You might have questions regarding how to apply for a visa, how to seek insurance and you might be in desperate search of a right travel package to make them visit you.

Let us now look at a few questions and suggestions to address all those concerns you might have in your mind.

1.The first of all, how do we get the visa?

Now, this is that question you might have in your mind. Like what are the documents you require for the application, how long does the process takes, and a few more? No need to get worried, we have listed out the process details below

You got to get an employment letter from your respective employer

Most of the employers would seamlessly provide this letter. It has got to include your compensation details, your parent’s details, and their passport details and these formalities mainly depend on your employer’s rules and regulations. Sometimes this step might take a quite long and sometimes it can be done real quick, but you just got to do this in advance to deal with contingencies.

Parents passports

This is the second step a must do. You got to scan your parent’s passports. Your employer might require this for processing your letter. You can ask your parents to get these passports scanned.

Book an appropriate appointment at the embassy or consulate

To get Visa, you must get B2 visa stamping from the US embassy. For the same, you must get in touch with the consulate office according to your location or region of stay. If your parents don’t have access to an internet connection, even you can get them booked online. But before you book, you must keep a gap of two weeks to get all your information and documents intact. To book the visa appointment, the related form you got to fill is the DS-160 form.

How to fill out the DS-160 form?

For both of your parents, you got to create separate profiles as you have been applying as in a group. And when you are done filling up the form, you must have to click on the button – email confirmation. And you would then be directed to a different page where you can automatically copy down the information on the first page to the second.

You got to fill this information with the utmost care.

Worried about the language issues for your parent’s interview??

Well, most of the US embassies give this option where you can choose the related language which your parents are comfortable with. Most of the US embassies provide vernacular languages like Tamil, Telugu, etc. If you feel that your parents aren’t great with English, they can choose the respected language for conversing with the visa officer.

More about filling forms. Now as mentioned, if your parents aren’t comfortable in filling those forms, you can even fill them yourselves, and at the end, you would find a section as in to sign and submit, you can sign in your name, yes that is allowed, you can check out DS-160 FAQs.

Bank account verification procedure

Now the next step is, you must visit your bank and request them to provide a bank verification letter. This letter would have details regarding your savings, the joining date. No issues to worry! Most of the banks like Bank of America get them processed very quickly.

Additional documents to be added

1. Your salary statements – like three to four of these statements are just necessary.

2. Send your parents your passport copies, and your H1B visa approval copy along with your salary statements copies.

3. You must send your parents an invitation letter, and this would help them in the process. You can make a cover letter with all the document details. And for sending these documents, you can check with Fed Ex or other carriers, etc

Now we have created a checklist for you!

  • employment letter
  • Bank statements photocopies of the past six months.
  • W2 forms that show your tax returns
  • If you possess a green card, get those copies.
  • for sending out an invitation letter, you can check out the templates available online.
  • Now, if you are applying for the visa, you need these documents intact
  • copies of your spouse’ passport and visa, along with  the approval notice, Marriage proofs or certificates, and his or her birth certificate

2)So that’s all with the application process for Visa, now the next step is to get a good insurance cover

Getting yourselves and your family covered during travel is another critical point. Because we don’t know when you might counter an emergency because of any such situation devoid of these insurance policies, it would be complicated to cope up with the hospital bills. Find a great insurance company in the US to help you in this front, and do proper research and select the best!

Now we will list down a few points you can keep in your mind while you apply for insurance

1. Price

2.Conditional coverage

3.Type of plans

4. Is coverage ensured during travel

5. Is this insurance plan cancellable and renewable?

6. What are the significant limitations associated with this coverage?

There are mainly two types of coverage. The first being fixed coverage and the next comprehensive. Fixed coverage plan would provide coverage of limited possibility, while the others would cover a significant amount. You can go for a fixed coverage plan if your parent is quite healthy.  You can go for comprehensive plans if there is some pre-existing health condition that you get eighty to a hundred percent of your total fee covered by the same.

Choice America, inbound America, Atlas America are a few good insurance plans for parents visiting the US.

3)Train them about the culture

It is quite a fact that there are a lot of cultural differences that would exist between your home country or your native place and the United States. No matter how long they stay with you, your parents might find or come across a few culture shocks. So you must support them and talk to them about the several rules and regulations, the culture, etc. else your parents might take a tough time to adjust to it. So lets list down a few points you must inform your parents to ensure a smooth stay.

  • Firstly you must tell about the traffic rules and regulations, and educate them about the paths to walk on, how to cross streets, etc.
  • Train them about dressing, and culture as in how to deal with people, etc.
  • The next most crucial part is the language. Your parents might find it quite tough to get well with the style and accents, but ensure that they are well prepared in advance for immigration.

4)Book tickets on flights that offer a comfortable journey.

Most of your parents might be traveling for the first time, and even if they are not visiting for the first time, you got to book a very comfortable flight — the main reason being the long duration of travel. While you book, it is always advised to book a flight that takes the least period. Do proper research on the in-flight services, hospitality ensured on board. Rather than just going via cost for booking your trip, it is always great if you book a good airline. It is also advised to keep a watch on the quality of meals offered, and you can check these from the reviews.

Rather than booking connecting flights that might take a lot of time lags, you can go for direct flights. If your parents have issues with walking or they need a wheelchair, you can choose and select airlines that provide travel companion. These would help your parents with boarding, checking in and immigration.

5.) Never leave to get them educated about ‘Jet Lag.’

You might be aware of this condition the first time you visited the US! As you travel through boundaries, your body might change, and you might have lost sync. Or days together you might find it challenging to get to schedules, cause the sleep timings would have drifted and become odd! The body would get disoriented, loses synchronization, etc. You can advise them to stay hydrated, to stay far from getting caffeinated.

And when your parents reach home, make it a point to get them some good sleep because sleep during travel would be quite tricky. Keep in your mind; it would take them a couple of days to fit the schedule.

6.) Bucket lists!

Now, make yourselves a list as in the places you want to visit with your parents. But keep this to your attention – Start with your travel once you have provided your parents ample time to adjust to your place. Before you choose places, keep into account the visitor’s interests too.

7)Help them to stay engaged

Once they are at your place, never get them to feel bored. They are at your home! You ought to arrange entertainment like television, internet so that they wouldn’t get left out in your busy schedule. India parents always would love to spend time with newspapers and books. Check out if there are any libraries near you, and subscribe to some local newspapers so that your parents can always catch up with the happenings. If you know other people or parents of your friends, you can introduce them so that they could have some company. You can take your parents out to the parks, zoos nearby, cause the idea of open space would excite every Indian parent.

There would be tons of fairs and festivals happening in the United States, never miss them cause they would be filled with fun frolic and food! These would help them socialize and connect. Also, make it a point to get your folks to your place. This might help them keep active and would help to get away with the feeling of alienation.

Never miss it a point to tune in some Indian channels! You parents might be passing most of their time back home by watching their favorite shows on TV. Make it a point to subscribe to the channels that are available so that they don’t miss out on their favorite shows on the mini screen. Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of channels you can watch via various applications and youtube!

8)Make it a point to keep them healthy

No matter what the climate is, always keep your parents healthy. Check on them if they have any discomfort, ask them to stay hydrated and get in place a good collection of winter clothes. It is very well advised to have them over for winters as these are easier to deal with. Always get them right weather clothes to keep them prepared for worst winter. You can take them to visit the nearby lake and mountains cause sometimes your parents might get homesick of sitting at home!

9)Make a note of temples and churches

Make a note on the temples and churches nearby. Taking them out for worshipping and praying would help them relax. The next best part is that there would be a lot of spiritual programs held here which would be great for your parents.

These are a few points you got to keep in your mind and plan before your loved ones to visit you. Wishing an enjoyable stay ahead! Stay tuned for more updates!

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