Gifts to Bring India from USA, When Travelling Back

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It has been a tradition to bring in special gifts as souvenirs which bring you close in a relationship. Let it be an ace MacBook or marked watches, a gift from the US is longed. Here is a rundown of things you could purchase from USA to India.

1. Mac MacBook Pro (Price Difference Up To $500)

Mac items including the iPhone and MacBooks are valued at extravagantly high costs in India and very few can manage the cost of it. In the meantime, most youthful people know and comprehend the estimation of Apple items that they wish for it severely. India has a well informed youthful group, which uses and comprehends the most recent innovation like no one else. Macintosh MacBook can be utilized by youthful people in your family or your business companion, so it’s an assurance.

2. Marked Watches (Cheaper In USA Than India)

Marked watches like the ones from Fossil, Kenneth Cole and so on are less expensive in the US. In India, they will in general be marginally costlier (if at all accessible), particularly for the costly ones. For instance, Fossil ME 3078 Analog watch, is estimated at USD 245 on and at USD 284 on This value contrast will be higher as you go up into the more costly classes. In the event that you can get any of these marked watches during a the day after Thanksgiving deal, you will spare considerably more.

3. Kitchen Utensils (High Quality Stuff From USA)

Kitchen_UtensilsWhen it comes to quality, US has the absolute best brands accessible for modest since it is the standard. Go to Ikea or even a store like Macy’s and get some kitchen utensils. Anything like steel utensils, clay vessels, little apparatuses are on the whole great. The thing is, they are less expensive in the USA and you get great quality stuff. On the off chance that you are going for supper sets or preparing things, far and away superior, since you get great quality brands at preferable costs over in India.

4. Super Foods Like Quinoa Seeds, Chia Seeds

Nowadays, you can discover a portion of these super sustenances in some superb Indian stores yet they are elusive. I suggest purchasing a couple of little bundles of these as endowments to your family and companions. They are interesting, selective and not costly. Ensure you purchase great brands so the quality is great.

5. IRobot Roomba Vaccum Cleaner

We concur that not every single electronic contraption in USA are less expensive contrasted with India, however in the event that you overlook the value point, there are some electronic devices in the USA that are as yet not accessible in India. For instance the iRobot Roomba Vaccum Cleaner. It isn’t accessible in India starting at now and will be an extraordinary esteem include for any family unit. It enables people to keep your home clean with no work and numerous individuals will think of it as an ostentatious, flaunt thing (lol). You need wooden or strong surface floors, which is regular in India.

6. Men’s Jackets

Men’s winter coats, particularly from brands like NorthFace are great for Indian winters. Sadly, you won’t discover them in Indian markets. Whatever you can discover in India either will be less expensive quality or extremely costly. On the off chance that your local spot in India has winters, at that point purchasing couple of men’s coats under $30 will be a smart thought. You could blessing it to your companions or older folks in the family.

7. Programmed Diabetes Testing Kits ( For Elder Folks)

On the off chance that you have older folks in the family back home in India, who are Diabetes patients, this can be a pleasant blessing to them. In USA, you’ll locate a few top quality glucose testing frameworks that are inaccessible in India. A prominent brand like Active first will just cost about $30 on Amazon, which can’t be purchased in India. This will be a restrictive thing when you got to India and incredible incentive for those diabetes patients in your family.

8. Remote Audio Headphones (Big Price Difference!)

In the event that you have any youthful people in your family or companions list, at that point this is an unquestionable requirement have. Beats Audio earphones are too well known with the youthful people and hard to get in India. Beats Wirelesss, Over the Ear, Audio Headphones are accessible from Amazon while a similar headset will cost about $500+ from India. Beats, similar to the Apple brand is notable for their style and predominant sound quality. Likewise every youthful Indian realizes the brand so well, that it will be an incredible esteem add to whoever claims one. I unequivocally propose getting one when you’re going to India from USA.

9. Scents – (Price Difference Up To $100)


In the event that you are hoping to satisfy the ladies people back in India, overdo it yourself and snatch two or three hit fragrances from USA. USA has some extraordinary assortment of scents to buy, and at incredible costs as well. Some of them are presently accessible in India however the cost will bend over. My own proposal is to purchase littler jugs and convey various brands as opposed to get a couple of enormous volume jugs of less brands. Trust me, there will be a great deal of interest once you achieve home back in India, so convey enough aromas. Nothing is never enough btw.

Note: If you are voyaging through Dubai, Dubai Duty Free likewise has huge numbers of the brands accessible.

10. Shades (Price Difference Up To $50)

Who doesn’t care to have a sun glass skilled? In USA, there’s most likely more sun glass brands accessible than the entire world. You will never come up short on alternatives. Either visit your neighborhood sun glass store at the closest shopping center or bounce on to Amazon and you’ll discover many top brand sun glasses accessible for arrangements. An all unique Aviator type sun glass from RayBan costs just $100 on Amazon while it costs about $125 on Flipkart India. Presently, remember that this value contrast is accessible just for top of the line, marked sun glasses, as shabby fake, knockoff brands are accessible in India at less expensive costs.

11. Google Home WiFi System

In India to guarantee cover WiFi network all through your home or home office, it is suggested you get a WiFi framework like that from Google. They guarantee that your home WiFi is reached out with full inclusion to the whole width and broadness of your home. There are numerous WiFi frameworks accessible however the Google WiFi frameworks are sight to behold and you get it at under $125 a piece (you may require the 3 pack to be safe).

12. Apple Watch Or The New IPhone

Both the new iPhone or the Apple Watch isn’t accessible in India yet and might be discharged later. In the interim, it’ll be a smart thought to get a non-contract iPhone (you got the opportunity to pay the maximum) or Apple watch for India.

P.S – When you get the iPhone, ensure it is opened, so it works in India.

13. Beauty care products and Makeup Kits

Obviously, numerous restorative brands are just accessible in USA (some are accessible in Dubai Duty Free also) and are extraordinary picks to purchase from in USA on the web. Here are the absolute best corrective brands you can purchase from Amazon USA and bring to India.

14. Microsoft Pro

In the event that you don’t care for or have people who are hostile to Apple, gifting them the best of Microsoft would be an extraordinary thought. On the off chance that you have adolescent/school going more youthful age folks, this would be a brilliant blessing thought as well. Contrasted with costs in India, Microsoft Pro is an incredible blessing.

15. Marked Bags

Marked Bags

For ladies people back in India, who’d like some marked sacks, USA is the perfect spot to purchase from. Albeit a few brands are accessible in Dubai Duty Free, getting it from valid stores or online sites, will guarantee you’re getting the correct item at the correct cost.

16. Morning timer/Radio

This extravagant morning timer/radio from Sony that could be a decent blessing to any family in India. It is shoddy and interesting!

17. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are kinda in vogue nowadays. They’re remote and you can take them any place you need – makes them immediately agreeable! In spite of the fact that there are numerous bluetooth speakers accessible, I recommend something exceptional and normally “American”. Marshall is an extraordinary brand with regards to anything sound and this speaker I found is simply astounding!

18. Infusion Water Bottles

For the wellbeing cognizant, this is the ideal blessing! Infusion water jugs gives you a chance to add organic products to the fundamental implantation chamber and let the juices mix to the water, making it a superior, more advantageous decision for drinking water. Get it on Amazon!

The above list shows the numerous products which are must buy to bring from USA owing to their cheap price or the better quality. Keep them in you checklists and enjoy them when you return to India.


Can I bring gifts from USA to India?

Persons residing in India receiving gifts from abroad are exempt from the duties of Customs and from restrictions under the FT (D&R) Act. Currently, goods worth up to Rs. 5,000/- can be imported duty-free as gifts.

What gifts can I send to India from USA?

Arrangements of flowers. Mixed Roses, Red Roses, Designer Flowers.
You can order cakes online. We offer Black Forest Cake, Vanilla Cake, and Eggless Cakes. Cake delivery at midnight.
Gifts that are personalized. We offer personalized mugs, photo lamps, and cushions. Gifts for Diwali. Sweets and chocolates for Diwali.

What to bring as gifts from USA?

American-made gifts include cutting boards, glassware, cast iron skillets, leather wallets, t-shirts, totes, American flags, cookware, hot sauce, skincare products, lotion, and more.

What do Indians like to receive as gifts?

When visiting an Indian’s home, it is customary to bring a small gift of chocolates or flowers to the host/hostess. Wrap gifts in colors other than white and black are considered unlucky. Instead, use bright colors such as green, red, and yellow.

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