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What is the Cashback Portal?

Most of us try to find ways in which we can save money, be it going to a shop which offers products at a discounted price or website which gives the products which are value for our money. With the surge of online shopping, people want to save whatever little they can; Cashback portals come into the picture for these. Over the years, there has been an efflux of cashback portals. These portals are website which gives rewards to its members by paying them a percentage of the money while they buy various good and services through the affiliate links provided in the cashback portals.

The members are made aware of the rewards or the rebates that they are going to get, which purchasing through these cashback portals. These rewards vary from the entrance to gateway, and some cashback portals give its members a percentage of the total cost they shopped for while others provide their members’ low amount that the user’s payouts for each purchase.

Advantages of Cashback Portal

Cashback rebates and coupon gives a good deal to the members.

The cashback rebates and coupon codes provided by these cashback portals allow their members to save more while shopping. Some of the cashback sites offer as high as 40% while shopping through a specific gateway. While shopping directly through the product website, people won’t get any benefits. Members of cashback portals can avail of the benefits of both the cashback rebates and the coupons, all they have to do is to remain alert while shopping through the cashback portal.

Wide Variety of Products and Services can be purchased through Cashback portals.

Cashback portals are not limited to apparel or shoe shopping, and members can enjoy the cashback rebates benefits while shopping for their groceries as well. Members can shop for books, Computers & Electronics, Automotive, products, and services related to office and business. In other words, the cashback portals give cashback rebates to almost every product under the sun.

The member of the cashback portals saves money.

The members get cashback through clicking the link of the website through the cashback portal. Even though the amount saved is not substantial, but members do save some amount on the purchase of the product and services. Cashback portals help the members to spend considerably less amount on their investments. They might be able to save more if they club the offer of their credit card with the suggestion of the cashback portal.

Cashback portals have a huge user base.

The advantage of a huge user base is that the experienced shoppers are beneficial in giving handy tips about saving more money through the cashback portals. They know these tips because of the years of experience in purchasing the products and services through the cashback portals.

How can one use the Cashback portals?

The first thing the shopper has to do is to do their research and find out the cashback portals which they find suitable and register themselves there. Most of the people become a member of more than one cashback portals to get options while shopping. Although the majority of these cashback portals don’t charge any joining fees, in some of the cashback portals, the members have to pay an annual charge for the membership, or they have to pay little extra to become a premium member of the cashback portals.

Once the shopper has become a member of the cashback portal of their choice, they can explore the website and look out for the deals of their liking. Either they can search for the products and services which they require, or they can look out for the sales that their favored retailers or financial services are offering.

After the shopper has searched and got the product or services or the product or services of their desired retailers, all the shoppers have to do is click on the link provided in the cashback portal rather than directly going to the website of the product.

A Tip: The member of the cashback portal should delete their internet cookie before clicking the link provided by the cashback site if they have visited the retailer’s portal earlier. This will help in recognizing the cashback site as the referral source for availing the offer provided.

When the shopper completes their whole transaction through the cashback portal, the retailer of the product or services bought by the shopper sends a pre-decided commission to the cashback portal the shopper made the purchase. Consecutively, the cashback site reimburses a percentage of this commission to the member.

The member should read the terms and conditions or go through the portal website of the cashback portal thoroughly before signing up for the entrance. This is necessary for getting information about how much time the cashback portal will take to give out the cashback benefits to its members. The duration of these payouts differs from the entrance to the portal. There are some portals which carry out the cashback payments to its member in four to six weeks whereas there some portals that make payments to their members after a few months. The member should be aware of the payment schedule of the cashback portals for their benefit. The logical reason for these considerable periods for the rebates is to look out for the cancellation and if the goods are returned to the retailer due to some reasons. In such cases, the cashback benefit cannot be availed by the members.

The cashback portals make their payments through bank transfers through PayPal, mobile recharges, or Gift vouchers. There are some cashback portals whose member gets the benefit of the cashback site only after the members reach a specific limit; which is decided by the cashback portal. To achieve this limit, the member might make quite a few transactions to enjoy the benefits of the site.

Some of the poplar cashback portals are Swagbucks, Rakuten (previously Ebates), Mr. Rebates, EvoShare, Ibotta, Ominto, Shopkick, and ThisIsWhyImBroke, to name a few. These cashback portals provide many good deals to their members. Some of these portals give rewards not only for shopping through their sites but also for playing games, watching videos, by being the part of the surveyor by merely referring the cashback portal to their friends and acquaintance.

Let us Review one of the popular cashback portal Mr. Rebates and determine whether it is a legit portal to have an account.

How much money did you earn while shopping? Now you wonder which type of question is this. But we will reveal secret to make you save somewhere up to 30% cashback and Remember Penny Save is Penny Earn. We are not talking about Credit card points. Anyway, you will get good cashback through a credit card if you follow our recommendation. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of the best cashback cards that will give you 2% of your purchase as Chase Ultimate Rewards points when spending in travel and dining, 1% on everything else with no limit. (you can also get 60,000 bonus points when you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first three months, worth $750 in travel)

But here we are explaining cashback websites and Discounted Gift card concepts which will make you save a lot of money. In the end, you can see I have shared my savings from these sites.


Today, the Topcashback has more than 8 million clients over the globe.

TopCashBack charges itself as one of the quickest developing cashback sites in the US. Their central goal is to assist customers with setting aside more cash while shopping on the web. They additionally offer a free application accessible to download in Google Play and the App Store.

TopCashBack is a cashback site that is allowed to join. You can shop from more than 4,400 traders, including Amazon, Walmart, Groupon, Overstock, and more with TCB. The extraordinary thing about TCB is that they’re a cashback site. Yet, they likewise give you access to deals and coupons to set aside far more cash.

On the off chance that you start looking at cashback rates, you’ll regularly observe TopCashBack, offering probably the most elevated rates. These destinations work by gaining a commission from the retail for alluding you and afterward offering a piece of that to you. TopCashback shares 100% of the commission with you and makes cash off customary publicizing. This is the reason they offer probably the most elevated money back rates.

How it functions

To start with, utilize the TopCashBack entryway to pick a cashback offer. Follow the headings to finish your buy.

Rather than taking the whole commission, TopCashBack gives you the entire commission as cashback from your buy. Inquisitive how they profit? They win from promoting standards and by haggling additional charges from the retailers.

Once TopCashBack gets the commission from your picked retailer, they apply the credit to your record. You would then be able to demand the cashback from TCB and rake in gobs of cash!

The prizes

Are you tired of hitting the least installment edges? At that point, TopCashBack is the cashback entrance for you. They don’t have a base payout, so you can pull back as meager as $2 if you need it.

You can pile on the compensations by direct Store, PayPal, or an Amazon gift voucher.

(temporarily, get a $10 Amazon gift voucher to join reward after you gain $10 in real money back!)


Rakuten (Farmer EBates) is another most Popularcashback site. they have more than 10 million individuals all inclusive. Their clients have spared $1 billion in cash back since 1999.

Rakuten is the most popular cash back because they give $10 just by signup and doing $25 or more shopping from your favorite Online Shop. And you can earn $25 per referral by helping your friends on doing same activities. $25 per referral means if you refer 100 people in a month and help them to qualify $10, you can easily earn $2500. Side income of $2500 is a cool deal. So don’t delay. Join Rakuten Now and start earning money.

How it works

Whenever you have the tingle to shop on the web, go to the eBates web-based interface or application. They band together with more than 2,000 vendors for cashback bargains, including Groupon, J. Team, Kohl’s, Sephora, and Macy’s.

Download the eBates application or access their online interface to begin. Utilize their connection whenever you shop online to gain cashback. On their end, Ebates confirms your buy and afterward adds cashback to your record.

In the same way as other refund destinations, Ebates wins cash through commission. The drawback is that not typical for different locales, Ebates takes a cut of your bonus. Despite everything you get your cashback, however, it may not be as much as different prizes locales.

The prizes

Except if you search for different approaches to get rewards, that is! Ebates is extraordinary about contribution information exchange rewards to new clients. I haven’t tried it myself. However, they guarantee that you can score up to 40% cashback shopping with them.

You can get your cashback paid out using check or PayPal, so the installment alternatives aren’t precisely as vigorous as, state, MyPoints.

Mr. Rebates

Established in 2002, Mr. Rebates is a cashback website where you can win discounts for web-based shopping.

Amusing name aside, you can purchase almost anything on the Mr. Rebates site, on account of their convenient classification style item search.

You can win shopping with any of their 3,000 endorsed shippers, as Macy Walmart, eBay, and Groupon.

How it works

Mr. Rebates highlights various ideas on their site each week. Contingent upon where you shop, you can gain 10% cashback.

To utilize Mr. Rebates , make sure to shop through their gateway. At the point when you click on their connections, you’ll initiate a Rebates code. When they check your buy, they add the cashback to your record.

Like other cashback destinations, Mr. Rebates procures a commission each time you shop through their site. They keep a bit of the commission and disregard the rest to you as cashback investment funds.

The rewords

Mr. Rebates has a $10 least for you to pull back your cashback. They’ll pay you out using a check, gift voucher, or PayPal.

Gracious, and remember their referral program! Offer your Mr. Discounts referral interface with a companion, and you’ll procure 20% of your companion’s refund.

They likewise offer an information exchange reward for new clients.

know more about Mr. Rebates


What amount of swag do you have? At the point when you go with Swagbucks, you have the chance to win gift vouchers, score selective coupons, and appreciate more limits.

Swagbucks is a California-based cashback gateway. It’s allowed to join Swagbucks, and you even get the opportunity to gain one of 7,000 unconditional present cards each day.

How it works

Swagbucks accomplices with more than 1,500 vendors, including Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart.

Necessarily pursue a free record and start procuring focuses, or Swagbucks (SB). You can secure SB shopping through their online interface or application, noting reviews, perusing the web (because of their Yahoo! association), and watch recordings. Swagbucks additionally has an association with GSN, so you can likewise acquire from in-game buys.

For each SB you gather, you acquire 1% money back. I love the gamified idea of SB. Who wouldn’t like to pile on focuses and set aside a little cash all the while?

The rewards

Swagbucks is a cashback shopping gateway, even though their first payout is using a gift voucher. In any case if favor chilly, hard money, you can likewise acknowledge your prizes through PayPal. Remember that PayPal charges will cut into your overall profit, however.

(temporarily, get a $10 reward!)

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