20 Benefits of having Green Card in USA

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Now that you are looking to reside in the U.S you might have come across different terms and the most buzz word that you are going to hear is Green Card in USA. Though anyone looking to settle in the U.S might have heard of the term but being a newbie or who is completely aware of the policies of the country might not be familiar with the term and benefits of Green Card.

There is a lot of information available on the internet yet it is not complete and leave the individual in the state of dilemma. So today in this blog I will guide you through all the details of the Green Card right from the benefits of Green Card in USA and process to avail it.

So before we deep delve into the topic let us understand what is a Green card? Why is it so important & who is eligible to claim Green Card.

What is a Green Card?

To be very precise Being a non-resident in the U.S you might be looking to work & live in the U.S. The document that helps you gain permanent residency in the United States is Green Card. With the help of the Green card, you can work and live anywhere in the United States. Every year US Government issues thousands of Green cards to immigrants looking to settle in the U.S.

There are different categories under which you can apply for your Green card. Every category has its requirements and eligibility criteria. You must fulfil these criteria to avail your Green Card. In most cases, you might need a sponsor either it is your family member or employer who can help you avail the Green card.

Green Card in USA
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Importance of Green Card in USA

There are a lot of questions that might be striking your mind but don’t worry I will try to answer them all in the later section of this blog.

When we talk of that Green Card helps you to live and work legally & permanently in the US it encompasses a lot of things. So here is a list of things that will help you understand the benefits of Green Card in USA.

  • Ability to leave/enter the U.S. voluntarily without the fear of being denied by an Immigration Official at the port of entry. Ensure that you take your green card to show USCIS when you return, additionally track the dates each time you leave and return and consistently reappear lawfully.
  • No compelling reason to fill the I-94 form and no compelling reason to stress over approved stay. Green card status is valid for lifetime, although the verification of green card itself is legitimate for 10 years and should be renewed.
  • Option to apply for government-sponsored financial aid for education.
  • Green card holders pay the less educational amount for college and school, alluded to as “in-state” educational cost or “occupant” educational cost. Savings are important and by and large, they are 3 to 4 times lower than what outsiders pay.
  • Authorization to work in any organization situated in the U.S. Regardless of work, hours/week, and so on with the except certain organizations that only hire U.S. citizens. No requirement for employer sponsorship.
  • A few employers require a security clearance that only residents with Green Card in USA can get. In this way, a green card gives more openings for work.
  • Approval to start a business and work on a partnership basis
  • Green card holders get Social Security benefits when they resign if they employed for 10 years before resigning.
  • Green card holders can support a friend and unmarried minor children under 21 to acquire permanent status.
  • If you got a green card for your family, they will hold it regardless of whether you die or lose your employment.
  • With work license, essential visa holder’s friend / relative and minor unmarried children under 21 are permitted to remain in the U.S. as wards. If you are in the U.S. on a work license, your children should get students visas to study and work visas to work. However, when they get a green card, they can remain in the U.S. significantly in the wake of turning 21 and regardless of whether they get married.
  • Access to security clearances, eligible for government awards and exception from export restrictions.
  • Most legitimate rights under U.S. law, except the option to cast a vote which is accessible just to U.S. residents.
  • Eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship later. You don’t need to take U.S. citizenship and you can be a green card holder until the end of time. On the off chance that the nation of individual’s present nationality permits double citizenship, an individual can get U.S. citizenship without surrendering current nationality.
  • It might be simpler to get a home loan to buy a home. Numerous banks require a green card or another long term visa before allowing a home loan. A few banks may charge higher rates for no green card holders for a home loan.
  • A few states necessitate that you have a green card before granting you professional licenses, for example, real state agent, insurance agent and so on.
  • Numerous insurance agencies necessitate that the individual has a Green Card in USA before giving life insurance or health insurance.
  • Green card holders can for all time remain in the U.S. anyplace in the 50 states of the United States.
  • Green card holders can make political campaign contribution regarding state and government elections. Other remote nationals can’t.
  • Even though not relevant to the vast majority, there might be a potential tax reduction to green card holder who might be taxed as “non-inhabitant” in-home nation.
  • You can legitimately own property, cars, guns and different things that some other normal American does.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I hope the point of having Green card as a non-citizen of the U.S is clear now. I have mentioned an array of points supporting the importance of Green Card. How to let us help you with some questions that might be striking your mind after reading this blog –

Can I get a job without a Green card in USA?

On the off chance that you as of now have a legitimate work visa, for example, an H-1B or L-1 visa, you can keep working in the United States even while your green card application is being processed. Else, you should acquire a work license (authoritatively called an “Employment Authorization Document,” or EAD) before you can begin working in the United States.

What is the Form I-94 form mentioned above?

A CBP official joins Form I-94 to the non-immigrant visitor’s passport upon entry to the U.S. The visitor must leave the U.S. at the latest the takeoff date stamped on the Form I-94. This is the “Admit Until Date” on the Form I-94. The Form I-94 number additionally is known as the Departure Number or Admission Record Number.

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