4 Freakishly Effective Writing Tools in 2023

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The practice of writing has been a part of human culture for quite some time now. From creating stories on the walls of caves to getting them published in the modern world, this practice has certainly come a long way. And so have the tools to perfect this skill. It does not matter whether you write for pleasure or you are pursuing it as a career, the tools we have listed in this article are going to help you significantly every step of the way.

So, sit tight and let us walk you through some of the greatest apps and websites every writer should use.

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Now that you have taken the first step towards your journey of perfecting the skill of writing, here are 4 effective writing tools you should start using right away.

Reedsy Book Editor

Sure, MS Word is cool and quite a useful software but how about you do yourself a favor as a writer and use tools like Reedsy that are designed to format your books as you write them?
Reedsy Book Editor is an online word processor that turns your rough draft into a book by a professional. In addition to this, the tool offers you an automatic spell checker, along with a built-in goal reminder system which can help you in getting your work done within the already set deadline for the manuscript.

This is not it, in fact, you can use Reedsy Book Editor for collaborative editing. Now you don’t have to keep sending every chapter to your editor and co-authors for revision and proofreading. They can keep a track of your work in real-time and provide their input as the story unfolds.


Grammarly can be found in the toolkit of every writer. Whether you are an academic writer or fictional, Grammarly is the place you should go to polish your text. It is writing assistance that you can integrate with different platforms including Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and even your email. As the name suggests, it primarily helps in correcting the grammar-related issues in your text.

But there are two versions of this incredible tool – free and premium.

The free version is decent but it does not really knock your socks off. It proofreads your entire document and provides suggestions to correct spelling mistakes, basic punctuation, and major grammar errors.

However, the real game begins with the premium version, which guides you in making the tone of your text clearer by incorporating suitable word choices so that you can convey the intent of the text more effectively.

Additionally, it also helps with all the punctuation-related issues on a deeper level of the text. As a result, the premium version transforms your write-up into a masterpiece.

Hemingway Editor

Named after the famous Pulitzer Prize winner – Ernest Hemingway, the Hemingway editor is an excellent tool that completely transforms your text from dull to captivating. It analyzes your prose thoroughly and hunts down any word choices that might create ambiguity in the mind of readers. Additionally, it highlights texts that are written in passive voice and compels you to improve the overall structure of your sentences.

Moreover, it also highlights words that negatively affect the quality of your write-ups, making them seem like a work of an amateur, instead of a professional. Hemingway editor also guides you to write a text that does not include complicated terms, wordy sentences, and qualifiers that can reduce the readability of the document.

Cliché Finder

Have you been told that your writing consists of unnecessary clichés sprinkled all over the place? Well, don’t worry because Cliché Finder is here for the rescue. It preys on all the clichés in your document and highlights them for you so you can remove them.

Of course, every once in a while, you can use clichés in your writing but it becomes a problem when you start to overuse them. Usage of clichés purposefully and carefully can make your creative writing look amazing but using them for the sake of letting readers know that you are aware of them can come across as lousy work.

Therefore, running your text through Cliché Finder can help you detect those phrases and eliminate them from the text.

Wrapping Up

Writing may seem like an easy job but there are a few instances where even a professional writer has to seek help from tools that can make the final work look smoother and professional. Therefore, we recommend you start using the abovementioned writing tools right away so you can produce quality work that can engage the readers right off the beat.

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