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How EdureKa courses helped me to generate extra side income. Buy one Get one free course and 30% discount Promo: DESI30

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EdureKA 30% Promo: DESI30

I will put my testimony here. Since I have been in the Business industry for 5+ years along with my 12+ years IT career, I know what my ROI (Return of Investment) is. Sometimes many folks are sticking with the same IT company on a low package.

I know some of you say “Money is not everything” that is why I am using word ROI. So, if you think you are happy with your current skills, paycheck and don’t want to learn or polish new skills then this article might not be useful. I was in ETL, manual testing and I wasn’t interested in learning new things.

I was too lazy as I already started earning a good 6 figure income by switching a couple of IT companies. However, I wanted to open one more stream of income, and so I decided to learn a new skill. Fortunately, I found this course “Digital marketing” by EdureKa.  which caught my eye.

You may wonder why I choose EdureKa and no other online educational platforms like YouTube, Udemy, Treehouse etc. EdureKa provides live online courses, interactive classes with individual attention provided by industry recognized instructors which was amazing. Moreover, we get lifetime access to reference materials which I found to be very beneficial.

Watching videos on YouTube, searching and downloading a countless number of videos, wasn’t really helpful as I couldn’t find a well-constructed curriculum. EdureKa offered a comprehensive study guide with a proper structure on all its courses which was pretty good. Udemy was good too but the problem was I completed entire courses in just 2 days and I felt like I only gained 10-20% knowledge. Moreover, human intervention which is mandatory in efficient learning wasn’t available when I used platforms like Udemy, Treehouse etc.

One of my friends Srini (to whom I am very grateful) suggested me to go with EdureKa courses so I decided to take a chance. I started searching online for promo codes and discount codes and luckily found a promo code which offered me a 30% discount (promo code – DESI30). I immediately bought the Digital Marketing course from EdureKa online and learned a new skill.

Attending lectures taught in live courses helped me gain awareness and best practices people follow in the digital marketing industry. Now, using strategies taught in the course, I started earning $1000+ per month which felt great! If you need more details on how I really made this amount in such a short period of time, please feel free to contact me as I am happy to help and share more details through email.

Having built an asset (secondary source of income), I now strongly believe that this income will replace my job income by the end of 2019. Will soon share and publish my full income details right here under the page “my DM Journey” so stay tuned. Also, would love to hear your story as well. Use code DESI30 to get 30% discount and get one extra free course.

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How to register course with EdureKa by Flat 30% (Promo code: DESI30) offer:

  1. Go to EdureKa and search the course.
  2. Click on ENROLL NOW PAY LATER Button
  3. Put email id and phone number and click on Start Learning
  4. Select the preferred Batch. you may click on ‘Skip Batch Selection’ if you are not sure.
  5. Click on ‘ Have a Coupon Code?’. Enter DESI30 and hit on apply button.
  6. “Order summary” page will display Discount (30%).
  7. You can call EdureKa to get additional Self Pased course.
  8. Now Enjoy with World #1 training program with best EdureKa trainers and do share feedback with other readers.
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