12 Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

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Are you looking to shift your home? Do you want to pack or carry utensils from one place to the other? Do you want to arrange the stock in your house properly? If yes, then you will need to get moving boxes for free.

Moving boxes can carry plenty of items in them and help you to transfer them from one place to another quickly. If you don’t have such boxes, then moving stuff can be extremely crazy as well as expensive.

So, you will need them to move stuff from one place to another with ease. Here in this article, we will enlist a few places from where you can get free moving boxes to make your transportation process more manageable.

So, let’s discuss these places to get moving boxes for free.

1. McDonald’s

You can grab fry boxes from McDonald’s. Usually, fries arrive in boxes at McDonald’s. So, to get them, you should call your nearest McDonald’s and ask them to keep a few saved for you. Make sure to call them in the morning; otherwise, they will throw them in the trash.

You don’t have to worry about the nasty, greasy smell of the fries from these boxes because fries are frozen when they arrive.

So, McDonald’s is a good option if you want to get moving boxes for free.

Get Free Moving Boxes

2. Liquor Stores

You can also get moving boxes for free from a local liquor store. These boxes are comparatively durable and sturdy because they are used for alcohol shipments.

You can visit a local liquor store and ask the owner to keep some boxes for you as soon as the shipment arrives. Usually, at that time, they have tons of free boxes available to them.

So, you can get as many as you need from them. The best time to visit the store is when the shipments arrive at the liquor store. Be patient with them as it takes time to unload the products.

So, ask them for a suitable time and reach the store to collect the box at the designated time.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is the best and amongst the easiest methods to get free moving boxes. From their online portal, go to the “Free” section and type “boxes.” You will see tons of free moving boxes available.

You can also visit the “Wanted” section and post there that you are searching for free boxes. Usually, you can get boxes from craigslist at the end of the weekend.

The best thing about craigslist is that it covers you irrespective of the location where you live.

Free boxes

4. Walgreens

Walgreens is another valuable option from where you can get free moving boxes. Usually, Walgreen receives shipments on Tuesdays. So, a day before, the shipment is expected to arrive, you can ask them to separate a few boxes for you.

You can also ask for free moving boxes from the customer service section at Walgreens.

5. U-Haul Customer Connect

U-Haul moving boxes are undoubtedly superior when compared with others. Customers usually drop off their U-Haul boxes at local stores. Anyone who needs these boxes can pick up from these local stores for free.

Another option is to try U-Haul Customer connect, which is a new service and allows you to search for U-Haul moving boxes in your area. You can do this by entering your country’s zip code and the city name.

6. Starbucks

Starbucks receives shipments at least twice in a week. You can visit any local Starbucks franchise on Friday as they receive their largest shipments on Friday.

Request the administration to give a few boxes to you. That’s how you can get free moving boxes from Starbucks.

Get Free Moving Boxes

7. Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is another ideal place to get free moving boxes. Their boxes are strong and durable because books tend to be heavy and require durable boxes.

Barnes and Noble receive shipments on Tuesdays. So, visit any Barnes and Noble store on Tuesday, and get a few boxes for yourself for free.

8. Rite Aid

Rite Aid will also allow you to get moving boxes without charging anything. They usually receive shipments on Friday. So, you can visit any Rite Aid store on Friday to get free moving boxes for yourself.

9. Walmart

Walmart is the best option to get moving boxes for free if you are a night owl. If you are habitual of roaming out late at night and then you can quickly get moving boxes from Walmart.

The reason is that Walmart unloads its shipments daily at about 10 pm. So, you can visit the store at that time and easily grab as many boxes as you want.

So, if you are a night owl, Walmart is the best option for you from where you can get moving boxes for free.

Get Free Moving Boxes

10. PetSmart

If you are searching for free moving boxes, then PetSmart is another option. Whenever you visit PetSmart for the next time, ask the employee there to provide you if they have any free moving boxes.   

Usually, they have boxes available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, I prefer to visit on these days.

11. Dollar Tree

To get free moving boxes from Dollar Tree, you must visit the store either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. They receive shipments on these days, which means you can get tons of free moving boxes for free.

The boxes are available in various sizes, and the Dollar Tree team will happily put them aside for you to pick up as many as you want.

12. Safeway

If you are habitual of getting up early in the morning, then visit Safeway to get free moving boxes. It would be best if you reached there well on time as the shipments usually arrive at 4 to 5 am.

So, if somehow you reach Safeway at 8 am, you will be able to get moving boxes quickly. When you visit there, ask any employee who is wearing a green apron to give you free moving boxes.

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