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Get 30% Discount with Disney plus Hotstar (Watch IPL 2021)

Hotstar promo code

Disney plus hotstar

Congratulations on finding the biggest Hotstar subscription offer details where you get step by step details to watch Hotstar content at 30% discounted price. Also if you Signup and use cashback site like Rakuten then you will get additional $40 cashback.

Hotstar US Content in Disney Bundle Now

Hotstar promo code is not needed as Hotstar content is moved to Disney Bundle (Hulu and ESPN+). With Disney Bundle, you get access to Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Hotstar content for a discounted price, compared to the retail price of each subscription when purchased separately.

Watch IPL on ESPN Plus

If you want to watch IPL or other Hotstar sports content, then subscribe to ESPN+ and if you wish to just Hotstar Indian entertainment, then subscribe to Hulu. If you want both, then Subscribe to the Disney bundle as they have a 30% discount compared to its monthly price.

Cashback offer for Disney Signup

If you want to earn additional $90 Bonus then signup below Cashback sites. These cashback site gives signup bonus and additional cashback offer if you purchase Disney Bundle with them. If you want to buy directly Disney bundle with 30% annual discount price then click below button.

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#1. $30 cashback from RebatesMe signup Bonus. You can Click here to get a Free $30 Signup Bonus. 

RebatesMe Offer $30 Signup Bonus

How to Signup RebatesMe & Get $30:

  1. Click here, and you will redirect to the sign-up page of the RebatesMe offers.
  2. Now, you have to enter your email and create a password for your account.
  3. You have to make an eligible purchase that earns cash back totaling above $30 within 365 days of joining.
  4. When your RebatesMe account’s available cashback amount reaches a minimum of $10(including your bonus), you can request payment.
  5. Once you completed all the above steps, you will get a $30 sign-up bonus. (Note: You can check your sign-up bonus from the “My Account” section).

#2. $30 Rakuten Signup bonus: This is one of the top cashback programs which give the highest Signup and Referral Bonus. Click Join Now and Get $30 from Rakuten.

Rakuten offering $30 Signup Bonus

How to Signup Rakuten Cashback & Get $30 :

  1. Click the Rakuten referral link. It will reflect an option to register or sign up for a new account.
  2. Choose how to claim your bonus via Walmart Gift Card or Rakuten Cash Bonus.
  3. Fill in all the credentials and click “Join Now.”
  4. Congratulations you are ready to start your shopping with Rakuten
  5. To claim your bonus, you need to purchase at least $25 within 90 days of joining 
  6. Once you make your first purchase, a Rakuten $10 Cashback will be credited to your preferred account.

#3. If you are from India then do not forget to signup Times club and get a $30 Signup bonus. Timeclub is not having any Hotstar offer but they give 5-10% cashback by shopping from any Indian store. You can get additional cashback for sending money to India. Many free deals are available like Willow free for 3 months, Ganna+ free for 6 months, and many more. Click Here for Signup Timesclub Now and get a $30 Signup Bonus and a $150 Referral Bonus.

Note: This is the Best Hotstar price in the Market. You are paying $50 for Hotstar and getting back $50. Follow Signup steps properly as mentioned below.

How to Signup TimesClub App & Get $30 :

  1. Click the Timesclub iOS App from iPhone Mobile. Note: Timesclub Android app is yet to launch, so if you do not have iOS (iPhone, iPad, MacBook), then take the help of any friend who has an iPhone.
  2. After clicking the link, it will open Timesclub App. Now fill in the details and Promo code: ZECKFE (It will be auto entered but if not, then enter referral code: ZECKFE). This referral code will give you a $30 referral signup Bonus.
  3. You can link the Bank account to get bonus credit automatically. Here you might doubt if bank linking is safe or not. You do not need to worry. Plaid and Zelle act similarly. They use a secure system, Plaid same as Remitly, and many banks operate in the USA. Also, the Timesclub app was launched by the famous Indian news media Times of India and Indiatimes.
  4. You will also find many additional free offers in Times club-like F’ree Willow for 3 months, Gaana+, 5% cash back from all Indians stores in the USA, including Patel Brothers.

With these Hotstar Promo Code tips, you can get $90 additional cashback. 

About Hotstar:

Hotstar, the subsidiary of Star India, is an OTT platform where you can watch all Indian content (Sports, live news, Hindi Dramas, movies, and much more). With unlimited hours of video content, there are lots of news and sports channels that come in 8 different languages. IPL (Indian Premier League) is streaming live on Hotstar right now, and you can stream many other sports exclusively live.

With Hotstar, you can watch all your favorite Hindi T.V. serials, Bollywood Movies, popular News, and Sports like Cricket, IPL, Kabaddi, and many more. Let’s look into Hotstar best features and how you can subscribe to Hotstar to enjoy your favorite content. Below is the complete list of Hotstar US promo codes, where Hotstar dealers are giving numerous discounts and gift cards. You can choose the promo code which works best for you. 

Note: Hotstar content is moved to Disney Bundle (Hulu and ESPN+)

Hotstar is the #1 online streaming app where users can enjoy unlimited access to 100,000 hours of Seamless Video Playback, live tv channels, web series, Bollywood movies, and recent web series at a nominal cost. Besides, you can get on-demand video content from different regions of India and other countries as well like the U.K. and the USA. Hotstar is similar to Netflix, but it is full of Indian content, and many additional features make Hotstar a lot more valuable than Netflix & Amazon Prime. 

Hotstar Subscription Promo Offer & Deals

Note: These offer might have expired. Subscribe Disney Bundle or ESPN+ to watch Hotstar content.

With 10% off on your annual Hotstar subscription offer, there are also many other deals and offers that you will get through our Hotstar US Promo code DESI50Get an Extra $20 Discount Coupon along with a $300 Hotel Savings Card. Here are some best offers mentioned below:

USA Hotstar Promo Code 2021: DESI50 Get 10% OFF Hotstar Subscription + $40 Dealer Offer with Annual Hotstar Subscription Offer. Make sure to apply our Promo code DESI50 before adding your payment details. You will get an instant $5 discount on your annual package, and additional Hotstar subscription Dealer offers.   

With 10% off on your annual Hotstar subscription offer, there are also many other deals and offers that you will get through our Hotstar US Promo code DESI50Get an Extra $20 Discount Coupon along with a $300 Hotel Savings Card. Here are some best offers mentioned below:

USA Hotstar Promo Code 2021: DESI50 Get 10% OFF Hotstar Subscription + $40 Dealer Offer with Annual Hotstar Subscription Offer. Make sure to apply our Promo code DESI50 before adding your payment details. You will get an instant $5 discount on your annual package, and additional Hotstar subscription Dealer offers.   

Additional $40 Gift voucher for Hotstar US Offer and Deals from HelpingDesi are listed below:

  1. $20 Rakuten Referral Promo.
  2. $10 Amazon Gift Card after redeeming Rakuten offer.
  3. $10 Instarem referral offer + Additional $10 from TimesClub on every transections. 
  4.  3 Months Willow free from TimesClub.

$100 Hotel Saving Gift Card

Please send an email to to get these offers. Hotstar allowing to watch 2 streaming services together so you do not have to take another subscription and save $45.

Hotstar Subscription Process #2 (Complete Steps):

HelpingDesi $500 Hotel Gift: You will also receive a $300 Hotel Saving Gift card from the HelpingDesi team within 7 days, which can be used as partial payment on over 400,000 hotels, Car rental, and resorts worldwide. Once you receive a Hotel Saving gift card, follow the redemption process.

Important note: There were some complaints in the past where new subscribers were charged $49.99 instead of $44.99 after applying the Hotstar US coupon. If you face the same issue during your subscription, then cancel your subscription immediately and re-signup.

Hotstar will charge you nothing if you cancel your subscription within 48 hours.  

For any query related to the promo code or signup process, you can email us at

If you looking 2-Streams Exclusive Hotstar offer, Live IPL Cricket & Bollywood blockbusters. Cricket IPL and World cup Special, then Subscribe Hotstar at 10% discounted price using promo code: DESI50

Hotstar USA Subscription Features:

Let’s look into some of its features that make Hotstar the best option compare to its competitors.

Hotstar has an elementary and easy-to-use interface for every compatible device. Users will get fast and accurate results according to their search. It also provides suggestions according to your search, so that you won’t miss any content that is related to you

. Hotstar USA is available for $49.99 for a whole year. When you compare this price with T.V. services like Amazon T.V. and Netflix, you will experience not minor but a significant difference.

Hotstar not only provides H.D. and optimized videos for T.V.s and laptops, but these videos are mobile-optimized also. Video quality is automatically adjusted able according to the speed of your Internet. It does have a video playback option even on the live stream. You can playback and analyze any moment that you might have missed.

Streaming live is the most important feature provided by Hotstar. You might not see this feature in any other Tv service. There are many channels available on Hotstar where you can watch your favorite sports live and exclusive. You can watch Cricket, Football, Hockey, and a number of local sports on these channels.

Nobody likes commercials while streaming their favorite shows. Hotstar has made this possible. Grab your snacks and enjoy your favorite show and movie with zero commercials.

All movies and other video content on Hotstar are available in 9 different languages. You can choose any of your favorite languages, that is according to your taste and culture. These languages are English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, and Kannada. Isn’t that amazing? Absolutely yes! You won’t find this amount of languages in a single T.V. service anywhere in the U.S.

How to Watch Hotstar Subscription on Television?

Remember while signing up Use Hotstar coupon code: DESI50 to receive $5 off + a $300 hotel gift card. Streaming Hotstar is easy as compare to other cable T.V. services. You don’t have to buy any Dish, antenna, or cable box. All you need is the Internet and any streaming device. That’s it!

Let see what kind of streaming devices you can use to watch your favorite show on Hotstar.

Read also: best way to watch Indian channels in the USA.

How to watch Hotstar on Roku:

Roku is a streaming device. There are unlimited numbers of channels available on Roku but Hotstar is a Premium channel for Roku. Below is the process to add Hotstar App on Roku:

  1. Just search for the Hotstar app on your Roku device
  2. Click on the button ‘+Add Channel’. Hotstar channel will be added in 1-2 minutes depending on your internet speed.
  3. Once the Hotstar channel is added, you need to Sign with a Hotstar email id. If you don’t have a Hotstar account then you can directly subscribe through a Roku device.
  4. Now, Hotstar App is logged in to enjoy your favorite shows ads free.
  5. You can also create Roku account from laptop and then you can log in to Roku and then add Hotstar Channel.

Hotstar Subscription USA on Amazon Fire Stick:

Amazon Fire Stick also is compatible with Hotstar. Install the Hotstar App and log in through your Hotstar credential. If you do not have a subscription, subscribe to Hotstar using our Hotstar Promo Code US DESI50 to get fantastic offers.

Hotstar Subscription USA on Apple T.V. and Samsung T.V:

The best part about streaming Hotstar on Samsung T.V. and Apple T.V. is that you do not require any streaming device. Jut install Hotstar App through the Play Store and Apple Store and streaming your favorite video content.

Streaming Hotstar on Mobile and Tablets:

The video content on Hotstar is mobile optimized, and more than 70% of Hotstar users are mobile users. That is why Hotstar is so much success in India and the USA. As mentioned above, Hotstar has its official App on Play Store as well as the Apple store. Install the App in your mobile of tabs and stream unlimited content. Make sure to install an authentic App as there are lots of fake apps using the Hotstar name. Install the App with that is owned by Novi Digital. That is the only authentic App of Hotstar. If you’re from Canada, read Hotstar Canada Promo Code.

What channels are available on Hotstar Subscription USA? Here is a list of channels that you can stream on Hotstar anywhere at any time.

Hindi T.V. & serials channels available on Hotstar USA:

Sports you can watch with Hotstar Subscription Offer:

Hotstar used to have separate sports membership because of rich content-related sports. Hotstar has exclusive rights for IPL and much other cricket series. IPL Cricket: IPL was streamed live exclusively only on Hotstar this year in the USA. If you are not having a Hotstar subscription then make sure to read Hotstar Free Trial.

You can watch all other Indian first-class & International cricket live streaming on Hotstar. If you’re from the UK then checkout Hotstar UK Promo Code. Besides cricket, here are other sports that you can stream live on Hotstar:

Some other reason that makes Hotstar the best option:

Hotstar Original Web Series: Like Netflix, Hotstar is also launching its own new Indian web series that you can watch only on Hotstar in H.D. Format. Below are the most-watched web series in Hotstar:

Hotstar TV Serials:  You can Stream your favorite Hindi & Regional TV shows online on Hotstar US. Few famous serials are:

Aarya (Hotstar original):

Ram Madhvani creates the Arya web series, and this story is based on a Spanish Drama series called Penoza produce by Pieter Bart. It is an Indian crime series in which Sushmita Sen is playing the leading role. Co-directors of this series are Vinod Rawat, Madhvani, and Sandeep. If you want to stream this Crime story, you have to subscribe to Hotstar by using our Hotstar USA Promo code DESI50. Get this offer before it expires.

Special Ops (Hotstar originals):

Special Ops is one of the best Hindi web series available on Hotstar. It is one of the best Hotstar web series with 8.6 ratings on IMBD. This Hotstar Special op is directed and produced by Neeraj Pandey in collaboration with Hotstar.

This is a thriller story web series revolves around a counterfeit search for a terrorist who was the mastermind behind several blasts like Indian Parliament Attack in 2001, Mumbai Train Bombing in 2006, the ’26/11′ Mumbai Attacks in 2008, and Uri Attack in 2016 in Jammu and Kashmir. (Though the incidents are real, there wasn’t a single leader behind them.) The story is somehow reality-based, and it is known as “India’s longest manhunt.” which involves five agents and spans a dozen countries.

Hotstar content in 8 languages:

Hotstar TV Series are available in a total of 8 languages and are Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, and English. The user has the option to change the language preference to watch content in the preferred language.

Hotstar offers 15 plus TV channels:

Remember while signing up, don’t forget to enter Hotstar promo code: DESI50  for $5 off + $300 hotel gift card, this offer is exclusively available for Hotstar USA.

How to contact Hotstar (Hotstar Customer Care details):

Hotstar provides 24 hours customer supports to its all user in the USA. You can submit your queries by directly writing an email at help@hotstar.comUsers might face some technical issues or related to applying promo codes during the subscription. Email at the above mention address, it is better to post a screenshot related to your issue.

In case of any issue that you are facing related to Hotstar content or subscription, you can call on Hotstar customer care USA help number which is (833)212-2120. This number is specifically for USA-based users.

How to watch Hotstar on Mobile?

Download Hotstar App from The Apple Store or Google Play Store and watch Online or offline. You can also watch in a Mobile browser. Hotstar is accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for portable smartphones, tablets using the app and can also download it.

If you are living in Canada and looking for Hotstar, then you can use Hotstar Canada promo code: DESI50 If you are living in the UK then please read: Hotstar UK Subscription Offer


For other Hotstar FAQs, you can read Hotstar official FAQ page


If you are streaming on any Cable T.V. services, you might be paying at least $100 per month. You can cut your monthly bill to half by merely switching to any OTT platform, and Hotstar is the best and economical option for everyone. It is economical as well as comes with many offers and promos.

Having an online streaming service means you do not have to sign any contract and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. You do not have to pay any hidden charges in the form of Taxes, cable Boxes, or Dish T.V. installation. You can stream Hotstar on almost every device available in the current era.

Disclaimer: HelpingDesi is a separate entity from Hotstar and Disney. We are affiliate partner with them. If you use our link, we will get a small percentage of the commission.

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