How Does GetUpside Work?

Follow the Steps


Refer link and download Getupside click for iOS app store or Google Play

Step: 1

When you purchase gas, groceries, convenience store items or food at a restaurant, simply open the Upside app

Step: 2

Link Your Credit or Debit Cards: You can add your debit and credit cards, bank accounts, rewards cards, gift cards, and loyalty programs to your Upside account.

Step: 3

Claim your offer via the App : Once you log in App, there will be a list of offers on your screen. Click on the offer you want and follow the instructions to claim it.

Step: 4

Check-In: The last step in the process is to check in. The App will ask you to verify your location using your phone’s GPS and compass, taking anywhere between 1-3 minutes.

Step: 5