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Mint Mobile Review-A Detailed Analysis

Mint Mobile

Have you ever used Mint Mobile? Are you aware of the pros and cons of it? If not, let’s have a complete review of Mint Mobile.

Mobile phones have become an essential and useful gadget to keep these days. You cannot imagine spending a day without mobile phones. These efficient communication devices have made our life more comfortable.

The demand for mobile phones is increasing day by day. Moreover, with the advancement in technology, mobile phones are getting better and better as well.

Each time a new mobile phone is launched, it comes with the latest technological features introduced in it.

Which Mobile Phone to Choose?

With so many options available in the market, it becomes challenging for the user to choose the best mobile phone for him. He looks for a mobile phone that has the most advanced features installed in it, and at the same time, it is affordable as well.

So, let us help you in choosing a mobile phone for you. In this article, we will share a complete review of Mint Mobile.

Furthermore, we will discuss all the features, pros and cons of this mobile. Resultantly. It will become easier to decide either is it worth your money or not?

Moreover, careful attention to this article will also help you in sorting out the factors to consider when buying a mobile phone for yourself. So, read the article till the to get a better insight into the selection process.

Here we go!

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has been operational for many years. It originated as Mint Sim. It comes from T-Mobile’s Network, and their services are expanding each year. They are trying to expand all over America.

Now the question arises that is Mont Mobile worth your money or not? To get an answer, let’s have a detailed insight into its features, advantage and disadvantages.

Best Prepaid Plans

Mint Mobile is known for offering best-prepaid plans. With this objective, they are spreading extensively all over America.

Furthermore, Mint Mobile provides several starter packs. Starting from high-speed 2GB data for three months, you can get 10GB data packages per month.     

T-Mobile Coverage

Before purchasing a Mint Mobile for yourself, make sure how well T-Mobile works in your area. Make sure that there is a perfect network coverage available in the area you are residing in. If the coverage is not good, then you will face connectivity issues throughout.

However, If you are unaware of how well the T-Mobile works in your area, there is an easy solution to that. You can buy a three-month plan from T-Mobile and set a trial for yourself. It won’t be uneconomical because their three-month plan is equal in price to one-month plan from other service providers.

Latest Updated Features: 1St July 

Sound Quality of Mint Mobile

The sound quality is crystal clear. Even the person on the other side claims that he has no problem with hearing.

Wi-Fi Calling Facility

An additional and advantageous feature of mint mobile is that it offers Wi-Fi calling and messaging. This feature is handy if you do not have a good T-Mobile coverage in your area.

Especially you can use this feature when you are visiting any area where the coverage is not good.

Data Coverage

Mint Mobile offers excellent data coverage. In those areas where the T-Mobile coverage is good, you won’t face any data connectivity issues. Instead, the speed is perfect as well.

You won’t face any problems in downloading music or streaming videos. The downloading speed is fast enough, and users can smoothly download their favourite music, videos or anything they want.

Tethering and Hotspot

Mint Mobile provides perfect tethering. There isn’t a separate allotment for mobile hotspot data. If you want to use your10GB data package on your laptop’s connection, you can easily do it by taking advantage of tethering and hotspot feature.

Mint Mobile Billing Method

Now let’s discuss their billing method. As a Mint Mobile customer, you will purchase a service plan of three, six, or twelve-month allotments.

Your data package will get refreshed every month. But the advantage is that you will pay the bill once your selected number of months are over.

The Drawback of Mint Mobile

The only problem with Mint Mobile is T-Mobile coverage in your area. As the network is still expanding so, unfortunately, the coverage is not available throughout the country.

The coverage in your area might be good, but when it comes to travelling on highways, you may face coverage issues. Although these “No Coverage” gaps do not last long, they do exist.


A detailed review of the Mint mobile can be summarized as follows:



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