What Problems can arise when using the mass mailing service and how to avoid them?

Mass mailing has become very popular these days with the rise of new eCommerce businesses in the market. Every business needs to promote its product, and mass mailing is one of the best options to consider. Mass mailing is the service used to send emails in bulk to large numbers of people for advertising or promoting any digital marketing campaign. 

In digital marketing, a landing page is something you land up when you click on a specified link. They are created specifically for marketing and advertising campaigns. Where the visitors would come and see the advertisement related to the product. 

Therefore your landing page plays a critical role in determining your success in a digital campaign. When sending mass emails, the target is to get the mail receivers to go to the link you provided in the mail. Here comes the need for designing beautiful landing pages that convey your message to the audience. 

You should design a clear and crisp landing page that attracts visitors. There are a lot of different mailing services. For that, you can use website builders to design the landing page that stands out from the crowd and gets you on the top edge in your business and profits.

There are many services that you can use for your next email campaign. Check out our guide for what problems can arise using these mass mailing services and how you can easily solve them.

Emails are getting into the spam folder

You spent endless hours on designing a perfect email campaign and setting it all for delivery, only to find out that your mail is landing up in the spam folder of the recipient.

Isn’t that enough to make you cry?

But to be honest, it is the most common and critical problem in all mailing campaigns. The email service providers like Google, Yahoo, Rediffmail all have tightened up their spam folders so that anonymous people do not spam users on the web.

But thankfully, we have got some solutions to this problem.

Verify your domain

If you don’t want to land your mail into the receiver’s spam folder, you need to pay attention to the domain you are sending the mail.

It would be best if you got your own domain to send the emails. Availability of the free services provided by Google and Yahoo might seem tempting, but if you want to get results, then you should definitely get your own domain.

Send a welcome mail

There’s a chance that the first mail that you send might go into the spam folder. It doesn’t make you ready for launching the email campaign.

You should always send welcome emails to your list. Nowadays, people are pretty smart. They check their spam folder if they know that they aren’t receiving mails in the inbox.

Then your mail gets a high chance to be discovered. Then you can firmly introduce yourself and ask them for a subscription.

Also, there is an option that tells the recipient not to mark spam. If your welcome mail is authentic enough, then recipients wouldn’t mark you as spam. 

Now that they have confirmed your subscription, you are good to go with the campaign.

Sending mass emails to old email lists

Your old mailing lists can be your treasure, but not with email campaigns. They won’t be helping you in the success of your email campaign as it is the fastest way to land up in the recipient’s spam folder.

And I wonder if you are not planning to do so?

So, make sure you don’t send your new marketing campaigns to the 10-year-old mail list.

Sending mass emails from new domains and new IPs

If you are thinking of sending your emails from the new IP Address, you should stop here. As the new IP Address is new on the server and doesn’t have a reputation yet. Sending your mails from a new IP is a one-way ticket to the receiver’s spam folder. And you don’t want this.

So I would suggest you send it using an old domain. This will help to get the results that you want. If you can’t get an old domain then you can use social media to build reputation and trust.

Best practices that you use for your email campaign

Organize your email campaign

In order to get your email campaign to work successfully, you need to organize your email campaign first. Check out with your team every single aspect of the email design to see how they receive email.

Review and update

Whenever you are with your team e sending mails in mass numbers, you don’t make any type of mistake or error in any part of the mail. Therefore ensure multiple checks before sending them to the recipients.

Maintain a clean and new mailing list

Make sure you keep your mailing up to date. Try to maintain your mailing list in segments, as it would be easier to manage a small number of recipients than a big chunk of data.

Personalize your emails

With the help of proper data, you need to design your email campaigns in a way that the recipients are attracted to them.

Add a call to action

Whenever creating an email campaign, make sure you add a clear call to action. This will make the visitor initiate the first step to go to your landing page or website. Then you take further steps with your email campaign.


Creating and designing email campaigns takes a lot of effort and hours in building it. Getting the desired results takes more than that. It would be best if you hovered over all the errors and mistakes that could lead you to trouble. To avoid those mistakes, follow the steps that we provided you to get the results you want to see with your email campaign.

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