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Best Travel Insurance Plan for USA Visitors

best travel insurance

Travelling is fun. The thought of visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting with people of diversified backgrounds always boosts our energy. Such ideas encourage us to plan visits and explore the world.

However, when it comes to travelling outside your home country, it can be costly. Moreover, it has plenty of risks involved with it.

Especially if you are travelling to the USA and that too, without the best travel insurance plan, you are prone to plenty of risks involved.

Why Buy a Travel Insurance Plan?

The reason to buy a travel insurance plan is that the medical expenses in the US are incredibly high. If you face any sickness or any accidental injury, you cannot afford to visit a doctor or a hospital for treatment.

Any severe accidental injury in the US can put you into bankruptcy. So, it becomes necessary for every visitor to purchase a good insurance plan for himself.

This travel insurance will protect you from unforeseen medical emergencies. It will also cover you for travel contingencies.

Which is the Best Travel Insurance Plan? 

Usually, the visitors find it difficult to select the right travel insurance plan for themselves. To solve this problem for you, we have carefully listed some of the best travel medical insurance plans.

These plans have been listed based on lowest prices and highest ratings. This listing will help you to make proper comparisons and will your decision process more comfortable.

Patriot America Plus

Patriot America Plus is a comprehensive coverage plan. This plan offers 100% coverage depending on the policy maximum for covered services in the US as well as for international trips.

Salient Features


Are you looking for the best insurance policy for your loved one? Cover America-Gold is one of the most popular and widely purchased comprehensive travel medical insurance plans for U.S. visitors. Since its launch, it has been continuously updating its plan as per traveler’s needs, the features that cannot be found on any other U.S. visitors’ plans.

It has plenty of desirable features, which make it the best visitor’s insurance for the parents visiting the USA. These include providing coverage for a lost passport, and coverage for international missed flights. It also provides border entry protection and returns flight to the home country if the trip is cut short due to medical reasons.

CoverAmerica-Gold released an updated version of the insurance plan on April 1st, 2020, including a new underwriter, and some added benefits like an out of pocket maximum of $1000 and a low Urgent Care co-pay of $15.” It is considered as the best plan by travelers visiting the U.S.

Let’s have a look at exclusive features of the CoverAmerica-Gold Medical Insurance Plan.

Salient Features

Some of CoverAmerica-Gold’s key benefits include:

Want to buy this exclusive plan at competitive prices for your parents or siblings visiting the USA? Click here.

Atlas America

Atlas America is another comprehensive insurance plan that offers you a double advantage. It provides coverage not only within the PPO network but also out-of-network.

Another advantage associated with Atlas America is that it can be cancelled even after the policy has become effective. The condition is that no claims should have been filed.

Salient Features

Choice America

Choice America is an affordable but Limited Coverage Plan. By Limited Coverage Plan it means the plan would provide basic protection only.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and basic travel medical insurance that allows you to visit any doctor or hospital, ChoiceAmerica is the best option. 

The disadvantage is that this plan is not available for US citizens or residents.

Salient Features

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